Content of the DOWNLOAD page - Instructions (Video editing software)

This page contains the non linear video editing and special effects upgrade, patch, fix, demo version, "special files" for software :

  • Pinnacle Studio 17 Plus, Studio 17 Ultimate, Pinnacle Studio 16 Plus, Ultimate, Ultimate Collection, ...
  • Hollywood FX (Easy FX Editor)
  • proDAD VitaScene V2, proDAD Heroglyph V4 PRO, proDAD Adorage 3, proDAD Mercalli V2 and Mercalli V3, DefishR, proDRENALIN, ReSpeedr
  • Magic Bullet Looks
  • Boris FX Graffiti
  • AVID Studio for iPad
  • AVID Studio 1 (replaced by Pinnacle Studio 16 and Pinnacle Studio 17)

Warning :  some download utilities (like  "Free Download Manager" or  similar ...) prevent the downloading of our  HFZ  files. We strongly recommend  to avoid using it. For some files (with .chm extension), you might have trouble viewing it (chapter appear corrupted). In such case, right click on the file on your computer, and choose "Unlock" in the General tab under Security section.

Files in this page are classified in seven sections:

  1. manuals/User Guide (Studio, HFX, proDAD VitaScene V2, proDAD Heroglyph 4, proDAD Adorage 3, proDAD Mercalli V2, proDAD Mercalli V3, proDAD RepSpeedr, Magic Bullet Looks & Boris Graffiti manuals)
  2. HFX Tools
  3. Pinnacle Studio and Avid Studio update/patch and tools
    • Pinnacle Studio patch
    • Pinnacle Studio patch
    • Pinnacle Studio patch
    • Transplug-HFX to be used after installing AVID Studio (to transfer your old free plugins from Pinnacle Studio to AVID Studio or Studio 16, as well as 00-Déclic Vidéo transitions). More information in our article: "A birth in the Transplug family". For Vista and Seven, log on to administrator mode and switch off the "user account control" (or set to zero in W7 or W8) before running the batch. More information on using these batch files in step 6 of the tutorial "Plugins installation for Studio 14 / 15"
    • PCLEAC3Decoder.zip for correcting sound problem with audio files from SONY camcorders (see our FAQ #36)
    • H264VidEncodeApi.dll for correcting pixilation after applying Patch AVID Studio 1.1 (check our article All about AVID Studio)
    • AVID Studio patch 1.1 (many issues fixed - check our article on the topic)
    • PCLE.DiscAPI.zip: file to solve menu bug in S14 / S15, check our FAQ #30
    • HelpdRtfx1-2.zip / AideRtfx1-2.zip (help files for RTfX, in english or french)
    • Photo_Studio.exe, an infineon_xp freeware: additionnal details
    • REGDELETE S7/S8/S9/S10/S11/S12/S14/S15
      to be used when you performed a Studio uninstall (to clean the registry). The  uninstall process used by S12, S14 and S15 are much more powerful and should be sufficient to clean the registry. Nevertheless, if you need to cancel the registration of any other Pinnacle product on your computer (serial number, activation keys etc.), Studio 12 Regdelete might still be used.
    • Disc Export Patch (S11.x) to be used only if you have sound problem with burned DVD (DVDs burned with Studio playback with no audio)
    • Studio update and patch (warning with beta version)
    • VitaScene multisession: to be installed only if you are using Studio 11 Ultimate and VitaScene in multi-session (Windows session - to unlock other VitaScene sessions).
    • Adorage S10/S11/S12/S14/S15/S16
      proDAD Service Pack for Studio 10, Studio 11, Studio 12, Studio 14, Studio 15, Studio 16 and Studio 17
    • Adorage S9
      proDAD Service Pack for Studio 9
    • S10.x Patch Heroglyph
      Patch for users who have Bonus DVD Rev 1
    • S10.x Patch Adorage Transitions
      Patch for users who have Bonus DVD Rev 1
    • S10.x Patch Adorage
      Patch for users who have Bonus DVD Rev 1
  4. VitaScene, Heroglyph, Mercalli, Adorage, DefishR, proDRENALIN update (to be installed either with standalone version or plug-in version)
  5. proDAD evaluation & free software: VitaScene, Heroglyph, Adorage, Mercalli, DefishR and proDRENALIN (Heroglyph RAPID for free, Heroglyph V4 PRO, VitaScene fully functionnal for 90 days) + GPU Test Tool
  6. Boris FX - Boris Graffiti trial version, fully functionnal for 14 days
  7. Download - Special contains all "special files" which are not part of any other categories like:
    • Spectacular 3D computer movies
    • 3D earth movie (Flash international) - by catoune
  8. Download - Tutorials : does not contain anything, all material has been transferred into corresponding tutorial !!! Please update your bookmark...


Be informed !

Studio, HFX, proDAD (EN)
Studio, HFX, proDAD (EN)
proDAD ReSpeedr ENUser Guide3/16/20141.7 Mo1017Download
proDAD Heroglyph 4 ENUser Guide3/16/201422 Mo1370Download
Pinnacle Studio 17 ENUser Guide11/3/20138.8 Mo4630Download
Pinnacle Studio 16 ENUser Guide10/7/20125.1 Mo11280Download
AVID Studio for iPad ENUser Guide10/1/20121.4 Mo734Download
AVID Studio 1 ENUser Guide10/1/20124.4 Mo10803Download
Studio 15 ENUser Guide10/1/20127.7 Mo10596Download
Boris Graffiti ENUser Guide10/1/201211.1 Mo8703Download
Magic Bullet ENUser Guide10/1/20122.4 Mo5245Download
Studio 14 ENUser Guide10/1/20128.1 Mo8048Download
Studio 12 ENUser Guide10/1/20128.4 Mo13513Download
Studio 11 ENUser Guide10/1/20128.2 Mo17987Download
Studio 10 ENUser Guide10/1/20128.5 Mo11923Download
Studio 9 ENUser Guide10/1/20128.7 Mo7019Download
HFX V6 ENUser Guide10/1/20121.7 Mo10630Download
HFX V5 ENUser Guide10/1/20124.8 Mo8579Download
VitaScene 2.x ENUser Guide10/1/201210.31079Download
Adorage 3.x [EN]User Guide10/1/20129.2 Mo2784Download
Mercalli V2 [EN]User Guide10/1/20126.8 Mo6223Download
Heroglyph 2.x [EN] - OBSOLETEUser Guide3/16/20141.8 Mo1584Download
HFX Tools
HFX Tools
HFX-DVFX-STUDIO-392.ZipTools/Outils4/14/20141.03 MB14239Download
TransHFX.bat [Ver 3.0]Tools/Outils12/14/201312.86 KB31482Download
FixMissingPixie.pxmTools/Outils10/1/2012675.30 KB14766Download
changeHFXtoENG.zipTools/Outils10/1/20120.23 KB16208Download
changeHFXtoFRA.zipTools/Outils10/1/20120.23 KB13161Download
Repare-HFX-11-12-14-15 [Ver 2.0]Tools/Outils11/27/201313.72 KB26559Download
Repare-HFX-10Tools/Outils10/1/20124.23 KB2943Download
InstallHFZ.exeTools/Outils10/1/2012108.00 KB35593Download
FixHFXVolumes1-2.exeTools/Outils10/1/201280.00 KB43964Download
Pinnacle Studio | Patch - Tools
Pinnacle Studio | Patch - Tools
Pinnacle Studio new bug fixes but add SmartSound plug-in / Pas de nouvelles corrections de bugs mais ajoute le plugin SmartSound793Download
Pinnacle Studio numerous problems / Solutionne de nombreux problèmes564Download
Pinnacle Studio numerous problems / Solutionne de nombreux problèmes519Download
Pinnacle Studio numerous problems / Solutionne de nombreux problèmes576Download
JPsEffects pluginsTools/Outils2/17/2014JPsEffects plugins for/pour Pinnacle Studio1245Download
Pinnacle Studio Ultra HD, stabilité, performances, Smart Encoding817Download
SmartSound 5.7.5Patch3/17/2013Windows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8 Users / Utilisateurs1821Download
Pinnacle Studio of nearly 300 bugs / Correction de près de 300 bugs2657Download
Studio 16 Trial/Essaidemo software10/8/2012Studio 16 Trial / Essai1532Download
MPEG_4Go_Export.zipPatch10/1/2012See our FAQ AVID #13 / Voir notre FAQ AVID #132891Download
Transplug-HFX.bat Version 3.0Tools/Outils2/9/2014Transfert plugins Studio/Studio et Studio vers AVID/S16/S17
Studio/Studio Plugin transfer and Studio to AVID/S16/S17 transfer
PCLEAC3Decoder.zip Patch10/1/2012See our FAQ #36 / Voir notre FAQ #362197Download
H264VidEncodeApi.dllPatch/Mise à jour10/1/2012Solve AVCHD pixilated / Solution pour AVCHD pixelisé1885Download
AVID Studio 1.1 PatchPatch/Mise à jour10/1/2012Update V
PCLE.DiscAPI14.zipPatch10/1/2012Résolution du bug des menus dans S14 /
S14's menu's bug workaround
PCLE.DiscAPI15.zipPatch10/1/2012Résolution du bug des menus dans S15 /
S15's menu's bug workaround
Studio RTFx Vol 1-2.zipUser Guide10/1/2012Rtfx 1 and Rtfx 2 help / aide28542Download
Soft Photos_Studio.exe Tools/Outils10/1/2012Utilitaire d'import photos /
Picture import freeware
REGDELETE S7/8/9/10/11/12/14/15Tools/Outils10/1/2012Outil INDISPENSABLE pour désinstaller Studio.
ESSENTIAL tool for cleaning Studio registry.
Patch Disc Export (S11.x)Patch/Mise à jour4/4/2013Utilitaire à n'utiliser que si vous avez des problèmes d'export audio (DVD sans audio). S11.x
Patch to be used only if you have sound problem with burned DVD (DVDs burned with Studio playback with no audio)
Adorage S10/S11/S12/S14/S15Patch/Mise à jour10/1/2012Service pack pour Studio 10, 11, 12, 14 et Studio 15
Service Pack for Studio 10, 11, 12, 14 and Studio 15
Patch Studio 10.8 [OBSOLETE]Patch/Mise à jour2/16/2014Patch Studio 10.8 [OBSOLETE]1312Download
proDAD |  Service Pack [EN]
proDAD | Service Pack [EN]
Heroglyph 4.x [EN]Service Pack5/4/201316921Download
VitaScene 2.x [EN]Service Pack5/4/201316921Download
Heroglyph 2.x [EN]Service Pack10/1/20122687Download
Mercalli V3.x [EN]Service Pack5/1/201316921Download
Mercalli 2.x [EN]Service Pack5/4/201316921Download
Adorage [EN]Service Pack5/4/201316921Download
proDAD Demo Version & proDAD Free Version
proDAD Demo Version & proDAD Free Version
proDRENALIN Demo [FRENCH]demo software5/15/2013575Download
proDRENALIN Demo [ENGLISH]demo software5/15/20134088Download
Heroglyph V4 [FRENCH]demo software5/15/20131274Download
Heroglyph V4 [ENGLISH]demo software5/15/2013934Download
proDAD GPU testTools/Outils10/1/20129688Download
VitaScene V2 PRO 32 bitsdemo software10/1/20127135Download
VitaScene V2 PRO 64 bitsdemo software10/1/20122668Download
VitaScene V2.x Light 32 bitsdemo software10/1/20124957Download
VitaScene V2.x Light 64 bitsdemo software10/1/20121250Download
Mercalli V2 - (Studio plugin)demo software10/14/20122445Download
Mercalli V2 PRO (64 bits)demo software10/1/20122156Download
Mercalli V2 PRO (32 bits)demo software10/1/20121671Download
Mercalli V2 SAL (32-64 bits)demo software10/1/2012864Download
Adoragedemo software10/1/20123292Download
Adorage Plugin [Pinnacle Studio]demo software10/1/20126055Download
Adorage Transitions [Pinnacle Studio]demo software10/1/20125523Download
Mercalli 3.x [ENGLISH]Service Pack5/1/20134088Download
Adorage Effect #1 [Movie Maker]demo software10/1/20123257Download
Adorage Effect #2 [Movie Maker]demo software10/1/20121248Download
Adorage Effect #3 [Movie Maker]demo software10/1/20122191Download
Boris FX demo versions
Boris FX demo versions
Boris Graffiti Trial / Démodemo software9/17/20113240Download
Download - Special
Download - Special
Airplanes-1Videos/Movies9/11/200751733Prévisualisation - Preview
Airplanes-2Videos/Movies9/11/200716272Prévisualisation - Preview
Airplanes-3Videos/Movies10/5/200716532Prévisualisation - Preview
JetsVideos/Movies11/11/200713086Prévisualisation - Preview
Earth - Terre (News Flash)Videos/Movies10/11/201010813Prévisualisation - Preview


All files related to tutorials are available in the « Associated File(s) » or « Associated Link(s) » at the bottom of each tutorial.


Preview of movies to be downloaded
Preview of Airplanes-1.avi (64.4 Mo) / 3D computed video - Take-off
(download available on this page without Déclic Vidéo watermark)
Preview of Airplanes-2.avi (46.6 Mo) / 3D computed video - Take-off
(download available on this page without Déclic Vidéo watermark)
Preview of Airplanes-3.avi (39.4 Mo) / 3D computed video - Landing / Take-off
(download available on this page without Déclic Vidéo watermark)
Preview of Jets.avi (18.8 Mo) / 3D computed video - Jets
(download available on this page without Déclic Vidéo watermark)

Preview of News-earth.avi (1.2 Mo)
3D computed video Earth / International Flash. This clip has been directed by Catoune to whom we address our compliments for this great achievement.
(download available on this page without Déclic Vidéo watermark)

Other earth video are available on
NASA - Visible Earth website