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BigSoundBank  VISIT
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This site, that offers noises, sound effects, and other audio files, was created by a French sound enthusiast. In 2013 an English version was added and I am sure it will delight you. Audio files are free to download and are also royalty-free. It offers more than 770 high quality audio files in different formats (WAV, AIFF, MP3, OGG), and is served by a very efficient search engine.
Since 2005, French users have been able to access the full French version.  In addition to audio files the French site offers:
- links to more twenty other free sound effects sites;
- various topics about audio equipment;
- useful audio links;
If you visit the French site, do not hesitate to visit "Le labo du bruiteur" You will see the video about how these sounds are produced.

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