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The Pinnacle database of solutions

On 28th July 2009, Pinnacle changed its knowledge base which became a database of solutions (check our article "A Powerful New Troubleshooting Tool"). Apart the new "look", it contains a new, powerful search facilities. But recently, a new feature has been introduced... Let's hear Saby's talk... 

Information from Saby, moderator on Pinnacle forum: "During my last round of golf on Sunday with Mr Avid and Pinnacle, in Monterey California, at the beginning of No. 5 hole, a par 4 rather technical, I express the wish of Czmax, one of our regular visitor. Back in the clubhouse, while we sat around a chilled cocktail, they got their laptop, sent 2-3 emails, asked two guys on the web team to quickly encode a small plugin for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome for two specific search engines, dedicated to the Avid Knowledge Base, plugin integrated into our web browsers.

AVID plugin

And here it is !! It is available for download here. These are the first two, the others being reserved for AVID employees. Once installed they will appear in the top right of your browser in the menu of search engines.

Their name: Avid KB No --> search an article when you only know it's number (for example, in our first Studio FAQ, you find several kb with their number).

The other one, called Avid KB search allows you to enter keywords that will direct you to articles in the AVID Knowledge Base containing those keywords.

I did have time to try it intensively, but the little I tried seemed to me very well. If you find something wrong, do not hesitate to let saby know. I'm seeing them again next weekend for a lion hunt in Tanzania. I'll pass the message.   So enjoy !!"



And what about you, did you try it ? Are you happy with it ? Let us known in the comment section below...

By the way, we remind you that the article FAQ Studio is listing all recent entries into Pinnacle knowledge base (we receive all frequent entries from Pinnacle, and we update this article on a regular basis - if you subscribe to our free newsletter, you will be notified when the article is updated).

So, before asking a question on forums, take a look through this database of solutions as well as our Studio FAQ, you are not alone and others have certainly had the same problem before you. You will have the satisfaction of your own search criteria and you get an instant response.

Do not forget that you will also find tutorials, testimonies, and much more...

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Gert Oskar Reitner
#Gert Oskar Reitner
Sunday, April 25, 2010 10:05 AM
What a great couple of shortcut ! Working for me as intended !

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