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proDAD Mercalli V2

proDAD is about to release Mercalli V2... And his new website !!

Update 31st October 2010: user guide, demo version and service pack...
Update 1st September 2010:
first screen capture and our tests !

Information obtained on 15 August 2010: proDAD is just about to release a new version of proDAD Mercalli, Version 2, scheduled end of august 2010. At the same time, proDAD launch his new website, in english and german.

The new version includes rolling-shutter correction to compensate for footage shot with CMOS-based camcorders, and uses 3D technology to track movement more carefully to get better results and to reduce the zooming that is inherent with video stabilization. Below you will find some footage to show what the new technology can do, I strongly suggest to watch them  full screen (click on the small button at the bottom right):

Mercalli V2 employs revolutionary new 3D video stabilization, which independently stabilizes the X, Y, and Z camera axis, delivering better post-capture video stabilization results than any other product on the market. Mercalli also employs some unique Dynamic Camera Options that lets you precisely control the level of stabilization so the character of the video is retained.

Mercalli also incorporates highly effective rolling-shutter correction that is introduced by some cameras when they are panned quickly. Rolling-shutter compensation can remove the wobble, jello, and skew from your videos during stabilization.

Also new are proDAD’s SmartBorder options that reduces the need to zoom in during stabilization, leaving the borders of the original video intact.
Due to the revolutionary 3D stabilization technology Mercalli can also produce smoother results in Zoom or Camera Pan for all video records, from Handycam until Steadycam.
proDAD Mercalli Demo: Comparison with/without Rolling-Shutter "wobble'


Many others movies samples are present on our proDAD Mercalli webpage (view them in full screen).

If you like it, you can purchase a licence right now and try the product, you will have a 25% discount through our special page. You will obtain the final version without any additionnal cost as soon as available (normally end of august). Please inform proDAD what you think about this new version, they will be more than happy to obtain your comments as well as any other feedback to enhance the current version. If you are using Pinnacle Studio, the plugin does not seem to be available yet, according to the roadmap below, nevertheless it has been announced in Pinnacle forum !  "SAL or Stand Alone" version give additionnal features that are not available with plugin version. Consequently, you can always use the standalone version and render your projet outside Pinnacle Studio. And finally, if you already own proDAD Mercalli V1, you can upgrade your version.

= Here is the link to obtain 25% discount and be the first one to buy it =

Plugin roadmap 

Here are differences between PRO version 2 and SAL V2:

   Mercalli V2 PRO Mercalli V2 SAL
 3D Stabilization  ok  ok
 Roller Shutter Compensation  ok  ok
 Windows NLE Plugins  ok  --
 Apple NLE Plug-ins  ok  --
 Direct Show Video Import/Export  ok  ok
 Mercalli SAL contained  ok  ok


Update 1st September 2010

For the time being, only pre-order are accepted (25% discount through our website), but the software is not yet available... On our side, saby present in exclusivity the screen capture of Mercalli V2 (thanks to saby for the tests - independantly from his role of moderator in Pinnacle forum):


proDAD Mercalli V2 screen capture

As a reminder, Pinnacle Studio plugin is not yet announced. For all other software, as usual, you can choose between the SAL (Stand ALone version) or the plugin version (or both), with possibility to upgrade an old version. More information can be found in our proDAD Mercalli FAQ.

Saby has also realised some rapid tests, with multiple sequence, to show you what it is capable of, without reading the user manual nor the help file. We have to admit that it was not trivial at first, but finally he managed to realise the following, which is very good compared to old version. If needed, do not hesitate to ask him through the comments below.

Here is the demo video !

Update 31st October 2010

Various items available on our website:


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Gert Reitner
#Gert Reitner
Sunday, August 15, 2010 1:19 PM
It is interesting to see that on the new ProDad Mercalli Webpage under the heading " Compatibility " for Pinnacle Studio only 12 and 14 versions are listed and under the column " User Interface " Pinnacle Studio is NOT shown !
I think we are seeing the end of ProDad and Pinnacle Studio as we know it ???
Déclic Vidéo FX
#Déclic Vidéo FX
Sunday, August 15, 2010 5:13 PM
Wait and see....

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