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Cyberlink - Power Director 9

Power Director 9 from Cyberlink

UPDATE February 15th: Pinnacle Studio 15 review

So far, we never talked about the competition. Now, it is clear that competition is tough, since Cyberlink who edit Power Director 9 software has just released a 64-bit version that has already been talked about in the press ... This version, called Ultra 64 has been awarded as the 2010 Editors' Choice by the famous American magazine PCMag.com (see here)... That is to say! According to the magazine, the software would offer speeds and advanced features that any video enthusiast can hope for, being the first one to support Windows 64 bits native. You can imagine, Power Director is a plot ahead of many of its rivals! The interface still looks pretty similar to our Pinnacle Studio isn't it? 

Cyberlink - Power Director 9


So now, we hope and cross fingers, so Avid launch Pinnacle Studio 15 (or any other brand new name) with just as many features and angagement... Competition is good for us, right? Concerning Studio 15, it is still a rumor, see: Is Pinnacle launching Studio 15 ? 

Learn more about Cyberlink Power Director 9 (but stay with us sometime, just to see and wait if Pinnacle concocted a pretty good version, strong enough!). To be noted: similar price to what we are used to with Studio... Are they some of you who left to go to the competition (but we still reading us)? So is it better elsewhere?


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Saturday, January 15, 2011 10:56 PM
I wonder if it's more stable than Pinnacle?
Bill C
#Bill C
Sunday, January 16, 2011 9:49 AM
I sure hope Studio 15 is 64 bit software. If not I might have to jump ship. I was a Cyberlink customer before I came over to Pinnacle. I've looked back a few times but Pinnacle (HFx) was best suited for me, hands down. In fact Studio 14 has turned out to be a fine, stable product once I learned how to do everything and since I upgraded my hardware.
But the thought of a consumer editing product that utilizes 64 bit and 4 cores is very exciting.
Keeping fingers crossed for Studio 15.
Sunday, January 16, 2011 7:31 PM
It is tempting the extra tracks....but what about HFX?I work with AVID at work(live sound) I would like to give Avid a chance but I would like them to know what the competition is doing.I actually know of a Avid beta tester here in town but they don't tell him what product level he is looking at.
S Arnold
#S Arnold
Tuesday, January 18, 2011 11:24 AM
At about this time in 2009 I tried a number of video editors and finally chose Pinnacle Studio 12 (now upgraded to S14). One of those I looked at was an earlier version of Cyberink's Power Director, and at that time it was, in my opinion, not ready to be marketed. It was unstable and rendered poorly with many artefacts.

I have just looked at Power Director 9 and am astonished at how this product has improved. I could only try the 32 bit version on my XP based computer (Intel Core2 Quad Q8200) and found that it rendered AVCHD files very well and VERY fast. Here are the performance differences (times are mins:secs)...

- Starting application : S14 0:27 / PD9 0:14
- Selecting 105 AVCHD files : S14 2:44 / PD9 0:9 secs (yes, 9 seconds!)
- Moving selected files to the timeline : S14 1:25s / PD9 0:9
- Render and burn DVD : S14 43:00 + burn time / PD9 10:30 including burn time.

PD9's interface is similar to S14's except authoring is a separate step. S15 will have to be a BIG improvement to compete. Also, for those with ScoreFitter, PD9 uses that too.

I am going to upgrade my PC to run Windows 7 (64 bit) and try PD9 again. Watch this space!
Déclic Vidéo FX
#Déclic Vidéo FX
Wednesday, January 19, 2011 3:11 PM
Keep us informed Arnold !!

S Arnold
#S Arnold
Friday, January 28, 2011 12:48 AM
Following on from my last comment (Tuesday, January 18, 2011) I have now moved from Windows XP (32 bit) to Windows 7 (64 bit). Firstly, I must say that I am impressed by Windows 7, it seems to be responsive, stable and looks classy.

Now for more on Power Director 9. The performance gain in moving from a 32 bit to a 64 bit OS has been less than I expected, probably because the simple tests I've been using are more dependant on the speed of the HDD than the processor. However, here are the figures:

- Starting application : 0:12 (2 seconds faster)
- Selecting 105 AVCHD files : 018 secs (I must have measured that incorrectly before)
- Moving selected files to the timeline :0:7 (2 seconds faster)
- Render and burn DVD : Render = 6:45 + Burn = 7:23 (Total 14:09) I believe I added cross fade transitions last time which reduced the overall length of the video, so probably about the same.

I have been trying other functions in PD9, but have had it freeze on me many times already - not good, although it did recover my project after each restart. So thumbs down to PD9 stability!

Although the PD9 interface looks similar to S14 (even the grey and orange are similar) I actually still prefer S14, but that may be because I am more used to it. Oddly, PD9 had no fade to black transition.

My assessment so far is that I would prefer to stay with Pinnacle Studio, but hope that the next version runs faster and has fewer bugs, rather than more gimmicks. Although S14 has bugs, it hasn't crashed on me anywhere nearly as often as PD9 has.

I would like to hear from others about this subject, that id S14 versus PD9. Meanwhile I will remove the trial version of PD9 (and Apple QuickTime that comes with it).
Déclic Vidéo FX
#Déclic Vidéo FX
Saturday, January 29, 2011 1:40 AM
Thanks a lot for the feedback, very much appreciated. Any other comments ???

Keep Smiling
#Keep Smiling
Tuesday, February 1, 2011 4:58 PM
I have loyally struggled with Studio since S8 and, until recently, had successfully used S14 Ultimate Collection on my high-end PC (64-bit Vista, Intel Core2 Quad @ 2.66GHz, 8GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce 9800GTX).

Then, I upgraded my camcorder from the Canon MVX10i (DV) to the delightful Panasonic HDC-TM700 (AVCHD). Alas, even with video captured at Panasonic's "standard" HG resolution (13 Mbit ps, 1920x1080i), S14 just threw up its hands in horror. With virtually every other program, utility and service shut down, it still refused to co-operate except at the pace of a sleeping snail.

Now I have nothing against snails (they're great with lots of garlic butter), but they're really not helpful when it comes to editing down two hours of HD wedding footage. So, I trialled PowerDirector 9, liked it and bought the full version (which, incidentally, seems to run more smoothly than the trial version). It looks and works in similar ways to Studio and, although I'm still learning its differences, I've so far found it stable and bug-free. Capture was speedy. Editing has been relatively quick and mostly straightforward. Rendering and burning to DVD was impressively quick.

There are some things it doesn't do as simply as Studio, mainly in the editing mode, but quite a few things that it does much better - possibly because it seems to have been designed for the prosumer end of the market. Its greater flexibility results in greater complexity.

On the whole, I think PD9 is a major improvement on S14. So, sorry, it has to be au revoir to Studio for me - unless, of course, S15 comes along with 64-bit compatability, guaranteed stability, and a free upgrade! Did I just see a big pink thing with a curly tail fly past...?
S Arnold
#S Arnold
Thursday, February 3, 2011 5:56 AM
Hello 'Keep Smiling', I was interested to read your views on PD9. My overriding reason for rejecting it was that it kept freezing on me, and that's with a clean install of Windows 7 (64 bit).

I'm puzzled as to why your full version should, as you put it, run more smoothly than the trial version, as they are supposed to be exactly the same. In fact, I believe you can simply buy a licence key for the downloaded trial version to upgrade it.

As you progress I would be interested to know your views after using PD9 for say two or three weeks. I fully understand your frustration with S14 though, it really does run slowly when editing AVCHD files. In particular I would value your comments on how stable PD9 is, and how good you find things like titles and transitions. Also, can you pan and zoom still pictures with PD9?

Please keep us all informed.
Keep Smiling
#Keep Smiling
Thursday, February 3, 2011 5:04 PM
So far, after a week’s use, PD9 seems easy in parts but ultra-challenging in parts too. Transition styles, for example, are many and varied, although adding them to clips isn't as simple as in Studio; there’s a choice of adding a prefix or postfix transition to a single clip, or adding a transition between clips. The latter’s causing me some problems at the moment because there’s also a choice between setting transitions as cross or overlap and the default seems to be overlap when I'd rather it was cross!

I love the ease with which one can use the effects (there are over 100), the 65 or so PiPs, and the 30 Particles. And enhancing video and audio quality is simplicity itself – some poor-light, indoor sequences now look like they were filmed in studio lighting, and wedding speeches recorded using only my camcorder’s built-in surround sound seem like I used a lapel mic.

I wish I could figure out how to mute clips permanently though – I mute them, save the project and, next time I open it, all the sound is right back again. Ho hum, I’ll lick it eventually. However, the audio and video of each clip can be unlinked and moved around anywhere on the 100 available tracks, which makes Studio’s mean old two tracks seem positively prehistoric.

Yes, you can pan and zoom on still images – and more. It’s not as easy as Studio but, wow, it’s very powerful. Basically, add an image to the timeline, select Magic Motion from the icons on the left and you get a choice of 22 motion types – random, pan & zoom, vertical up, vertical down, horizontal right and left, zoom in or zoom out, left down to right up, rotate and zoom in or out clockwise or counter-clockwise, curves, and so on. There’s also a user-defined option. Controlling the motion is done with a click into Magic Motion Designer, where you use keyframes to define the start and end of each motion. It’s straightforward but, because it’s so much more flexible, it seems much more long-winded than Studio. Perhaps it’ll be quicker when I’ve figured out all the options.

I do indeed think that the full version is smoother than the trial one – at least for me. I uninstalled the trial and defragged my hard drive before downloading the full version; maybe that’s why. The trial worked okay, although the preview screen was jerky when more resources were being used to run the preview at a high resolution. Oh yes, that’s another nice thing about PD9 – you can choose to run your preview at Low, Normal, High, HD or Full HD resolution, depending on the memory resources available.

I'm currently editing down nearly two hours' footage to make a watchable half-hour. I've nearly completed the first cut but haven't yet added all the transitions, titles and effects. PD9 has hung on me just once - and I think that may have been due to impatience on my part - too much clicking and dragging, with which it struggled to maintain pace.

I’ll try to report further when I’ve had a few more weeks of using this program, but I have to say that it’s growing on me all the time.
S Arnold
#S Arnold
Friday, February 4, 2011 5:00 AM
Fantastic feedback 'Keep Smiling'! VERY interesting and maybe I'll give PD9 another go soon. It'll be interesting to see how many updates Cyberlink supply, especially as there's been absolutely zilch from Pinnacle since S14 was launched.

I too found the transitions in PD9 hard to fathom, and it was usually when inserting one between clips that PD9 tended to freeze on me.

One thing I would like to try is fitting a solid state drive as my boot disc, as it should yield a significant performance boost when editing HD video. Currently I have my eye on the OCZ Vertex 2, 60GB SSD, so with one of those and PD9 things should really whiz!

Great feedback, and keep it coming. Thanks.
Bill C
#Bill C
Friday, February 4, 2011 10:41 AM
Thanks for the information "Keep Smiling." You seem very objective. I, for one, will wait for S15 and remain loyal if it is 64 bit. I got past all the perceived issues with S14 so I guess they were "cockpit" errors. But the speed of S14 with HD clips make editing HD impractical for me.
Thanks also for Declic Video for this excellent forum.
Friday, February 4, 2011 6:49 PM
I've been following this thread and decided to download the trial (on an underpowered system for now). I haven't spent a lot of time with it yet, but it's been stable so far (I like that). Pinnacle does seem a little quicker to learn, but perhaps not too different. One thing I'm curious about is the DVD Menus. In Pinnacle I see a wide selection, but I'm not seeing the same selection at the moment in PowerProducer. I know there's a download button for more menus, but I haven't explored that yet.

I wonder if anyone from Pinnacle reads these threads in an effort to address any shortcomings. I'm a newcomer to Pinnacle, so I'm not necessarily hooked on a particular product. But it would be nice to find something very suitable and stick with it. I love the idea of native 64-bit and the functionality that comes with it. If Pinnacle offered a competitive pricing for a 64-bit upgrade to v.15 I may stick with them, but PowerProducer 9 is looking sweet! I may not be able to wait.
Keep Smiling
#Keep Smiling
Saturday, February 5, 2011 11:19 AM
Just an update on my PD9 progress and a response to one or two of your queries guys:

Muting of clips (my comment of 4 Feb)
I've discovered that, strangely, muting is regarded as temporary and is not retained in the saved data (although, apparently, it was in PD8). Cyberlink says this was changed in PD9 by design! Meantime, as a workaround, audio can be delinked from clips and trashed or moved elsewhere, or the volume of the clip can be turned down to 0. The latter works very well, but I can’t yet figure a way of doing so for a range of clips – currently, I zero volume scene by scene, which is a chore.

Fade to black (S Arnold wanted this)
I was suprised there wasn't an instant transition for this too. However, the way to do it is: insert a colour board - black or one of 30 different solid colours available - between two clips, then apply a fade transition between them.

DVD Menus (Jerry)
Yes, the dozen or so DVD menus, including some free Christmas ones, does look a bit mean. It seems reasonably easy to create your own and to save them for the future though. Cyberlink supplies a further half-dozen for download and there are thousands (literally!) by other PowerDirector users available to download in 16:9 or 4:3 formats. There are more thousands of Titles and Particles too on the DirectorZone website. Some aren’t to my taste but, hey, they’re all free!

Well, PD9 is new, so there aren't any updates yet. It will indeed be interesting to see whether Cyberlink issues any but, on my present experience, there's nothing that desperately needs fixing - unlike Studio...!

A final thought: In the same way that Studio presents problems when installed on under-powered computers, particularly with memory-hogging HD footage, PD9 will not be at its best either. It's no good having 64-bit OS but insufficient RAM. The recommended minimum requirement for PD9 is 6GB; I have 8GB but think I could do with even more sometimes. Although the application is on my C: drive, the footage and project storage is on an external drive, which I guess slows down retrieval and saving. I like the sound of S Arnold's solid-state drive idea. More expense!!

Anyhow, still learning (but, ever hopeful of better things, Studio 14 UC remains on my hard drive - just in case...!).
S Arnold
#S Arnold
Saturday, February 5, 2011 12:51 PM
Thanks again for the update 'Keep Smiling'. I didn't realise that Cyberlink recommend 6GB RAM, but you're quite right. Unfortunately, my motherboard (Asus P5N73-CM) will only take a maximum of 4GB (which is what I have). I wonder if that's why I had problems with PD9 freezing?
Saturday, February 5, 2011 1:37 PM
I have 8 GB, but I wonder if 12 GB would show a significant difference. I also have two AMD phenom II x4 CPUs, and a secondary logical drive configured as RAID 0 (for performance). This is a pretty clean computer primarily for video editing. My trial download is not yet on this system.
Saturday, February 5, 2011 3:02 PM
To Bill C,I have an ASUS 1330 with a 2.7 GHZ ADM 6 core and HD moves just fine.It only bogs down as I add filters or effects that don't use the graphics card.Even then I just uncheck full resolution or background rendering and go back to "work".Where it bogs down the most is when I convert HD to SD.I had 99 min.s with no filters and just a menu and two titles.Creating an AVCHD file to be burned took about 2 hours.Converting to SD required sharping,otherwise the same file,it took about 13 hours.The ability to burn AVCHD disc is a big selling point for me.Especially when blank BD's are running $10 a piece.I had to break up the project into two chunks.Burned an hour on a dual layer and the second disc was a standard DVD.However a true 64 bit version with more video tracks would be really nice.However when I monitor my core activity it is spread out across the 6 cores.
Déclic Vidéo FX
#Déclic Vidéo FX
Saturday, February 5, 2011 4:13 PM
@ Keep Smiling: Very interesting, thanks a lot for this very interesting feedback.

@ S. Arnold: very good choice SSD hard disk !! Did you read our article; Choosing a camcorder, choosing a computer ? Might interest you with SDD information.
Regarding your memory, I am surprised of the 8 Gb you choose, do not forget to have a look to the article, and to be sure that your memory is compatible and working all together (if triple channel or double channel).

@ Bill C: Thanks for your encouragement ! Very much appreciated (even if I do not consider these comments as "forum section", but do not hesitate to continue commenting our articles, that's very interesting for us as well). We have the ability to open a real prof. forum, but I do not think it's useful, since we have so many forums all over the world regarding video. Therefore, we will stick to our policy, keeping time to write article, being informed of video editing, instead of moderating a forum... ;-)
Monday, February 7, 2011 8:06 AM
Hi there, great info on PD9 here! Thanks!!:-)

One of the things I miss in Studio 14 (other then stability..:-)) is the possibility to change framerate/speed more dynamicly. Like if a car passes you I would like to gradually slow the speed down to slow motion, and then as i passes, gradually increase speed again to 1:1. Sort of like a Matrix fight scene effekt? Understand?

Anyone know if this is possible in PD? Or in any other tools/plugins for that matter?

Thanks for great info in this thread. I will try out PD tonight as I work a lot with AVCHD files, and Stidio 14 is struggling with speed on those. And thats on my Core i7, 920, 2.67Ghz, with SSD running Windows 7 64-bit.

My biggest issue with Studio is the speed when working with AVCHD. When you have to wait for everything, especially preview, it takes all the creativity out of it...

Déclic Vidéo FX
#Déclic Vidéo FX
Monday, February 14, 2011 2:49 PM
Hi there, just a small note, to inform you that a french website has published something regarding Studio 15...
It's here. Does it mean that S15 is about to be released ???

Keep Smiling
#Keep Smiling
Monday, February 14, 2011 4:50 PM
Well, here I am a couple of weeks further down the line with PowerDirector and now Pinnacle Studio 15 seems to be coming into view at last. But, judging by what the French website doesn't say rather than what it does say, it appears that S15 still won't be 64-bit. For that, you'd need Avid's own-branded Studio at €169.95 apparently - and the question I'd be asking is: will Pinnacle Studio users be able to buy an upgrade to Avid Studio or will we have to pay the full price?!

There wouldn't seem to be much point in HD camcorder users with 64-bit PCs upgrading to Pinnacle Studio HD (€69.95), HD Ultimate (€99.95) or HD Ultimate Collection (€129.95) if it's still only 32-bit - unless, of course, they've ironed out all the bugs and not introduced new ones. Oops, there goes that pink thing with the curly tail again...

Meanwhile, here's today's update on my PowerDirector use. Having extolled its virtues and, indeed, been extremely pleased with its versatility and performance, it suddenly decided to show its true colours. After many hours work, I reached about two-thirds of the way through the two hours' footage only to hit an insurmountable glitch. Every time I changed a volume or length of a clip and then went back to run the movie from a previous clip, it crashed!

Cyberlink support seems to send standardised fixes - download the software again (a couple of hours), run this tool - not to unistall but to fool the computer into thinking that's what you've done, then reinstall. I did that three times but the fault remained and four days later I'm still awaiting a further response from their support team. So, I'm not a happy bunny!

As it's a wedding video that I'm producing and the happy couple will be back from honeymoon at any minute, I returned with trepidation to my old Studio 14 Ultimate Collection. I figured it might take me ten times as long but at least I'd get it done. Surprise, surprise: S14 worked quite well. Where had the snails gone? Perhaps all the cleaning, uninstalling and reinstalling I did in my vain attempts to get PD9 running actually cured my S14 problems instead. Sure, it wasn't zipping along but it accepted all my AVCHD footage, my editing, transitions, effects and titles (although I steered clear of menus - just in case that was a step too far!), and it burned a decent first-version DVD at the end of it.

I'm glad I decided to keep S14 on my hard drive after all. The S14 movie lacks some of the PD9 finesse and there are a few enhancements I would have liked to include that PD9 has but S14 doesn't, but it's an acceptable end result. Will this improvement last, I wonder? And, will we ever get a 64-bit Pinnacle Studio?
Déclic Vidéo FX
#Déclic Vidéo FX
Tuesday, February 15, 2011 3:14 PM
It's official, see Pinnacle Studio 15 review

S Arnold
#S Arnold
Friday, February 18, 2011 2:27 PM
Hi 'Keep Smiling' - thanks for your last update. Again it was very interesting, although one thing left me wondering, which was when you wrote:

"...S14 movie lacks some of the PD9 finesse and there are a few enhancements I would have liked to include that PD9 has but S14 doesn't..."

Please could you expend on this comment? Thanks.
Monday, February 21, 2011 1:54 AM
I don't mean to jack the thread but, I've been using (trying to use) Magix Video Pro X 2.5. It sells for about $400 U.S. dollars but, I caught it on a crazy clearance sell at a computer store for $149 and bought it instantly. Video Pro X is considered Professional software but, I've struggled with it since I bought it. I can drop the same exact AVCHD footage into Studio 14 as Magix Pro X and it looses audio/visual sync. Studio 14 is able to handle it. The cool thing about the Magix is that it has a separate preview screen for footage you're working on before you drop it into the track and of course unlimited tracks. After using Studio I have to force myself to try to use the Video Pro X. I feel bad about spending the money for it because I dislike it so. I'm willing to pay a little more for the new Avid Studio if it can bring the same ease of use as Pinnacle Studio with higher stability and unlimited tracks. Everyone has always made me feel second class because I used "Pinnacle" (except here at Declic Video). It's my hope that by dropping the Pinnacle from the title and using the Avid name that I'll be able to hold my head up instead of looking at the floor when I'm in a room with guys who use Final Cut and Adobe.
My suggestion is if you're looking to move up with Magix Video Pro X 2.5 for $400 dollars from Pinnacle Studio keep your money. At least the two video tracks with Studio seem to work without hanging up. I don't run a slow system either.
AMD 1075T Hexacore 6 core processor
8Gig of DDR2 1066
500 gig WD Black drive
3 additional internal storage drives
Two 4850 ATI Crossfired graphics cards
Audigy X-Fi sound card
If anyone else has used Video Pro X 2.5 and had good results please let us know. Perhaps I wasn't doing something correctly.
Déclic Vidéo FX
#Déclic Vidéo FX
Monday, February 21, 2011 12:14 PM
Lol, very interesting fishnwithjoe !! I like the way you describe Pinnacle Studio and now AVID Studio... So, let's see if you will be able to hold your head up in the near future, or if people will just laugh...

Thursday, February 24, 2011 6:47 AM
Any former Studio users that have upgraded to Avid Studio? I don't care what the price is, but I DO care about the ease of use and versability we have gotten used to in Pinnacle Studio. Is Avid Studio better?

Any feedback is appretiated!!:-)

Keep Smiling
#Keep Smiling
Thursday, February 24, 2011 9:59 AM
Anders, I'd be interested in hearing about Avid Studio in practice too!

I thought my HD problems with Pinnacle Studio 14 had been resolved by moving to PowerDirector 9 - and, for a while, PD9 worked superbly well. Alas, however, the program developed a technical fault and CyberLink's so-called Technical Support has proved to be utterly useless. I have now totally abandoned PD9 and am hoping to get a full refund for what is obviously an incomplete program that's still 'a work in progress'.

Could Avid Studio be the answer to my prayers? I doubt it - but, if anyone has tried it, please tell all!
S Arnold
#S Arnold
Thursday, February 24, 2011 1:13 PM
I don't think anyone will have Avid Studio yet.

According to their website the download version won't be available until March 8th, and the boxed version has an estimated shipping date of sometime in April.

So we wait with baited breath!
Friday, February 25, 2011 8:17 PM
Enjoying this website for some time now - very friendly, sharing and at a level I can understand (most of the time). Been using PS with V8-V12 with very good results on a Dell XP machine with 1.5 GB RAM. Haven't done any AVCHD work on any machine yet.
Just got a Cerise Win 7-64 bit machine with 12 GB RAM, two workstation CPU's (3.33 GHz), an Intel workstation MB and a 1 GB nVidia GFX 285. It works very well with PS V14 - about 10X faster than before. I can now actually do background rendering very effectively with little slowdown in my timeline editing activities. This machine does wonders with Adobe Photoshop 64-bit since the SW is multicore. It would probably do great things with Premier Pro and a Cuda video card, too - with a lot of $$$, of course!
Just bought AS for $US99 through a popup when I opened my PS V14UC yesterday. I'm thinking AS will be as good or better than PS14 since it's the first all-Avid product and it has essentially all the features of PS14 and then some. As you remember, PS was a dog before Avid bought it a couple years ago. Remember V9 and V10? Lousy until Pinnacle came out with V9.5/V10.5! PS V12 and V14 have worked great right out of the box for me - probably thanks to Avid - and haven't really needed any patches. I am putting a lot of faith in Avid but they're a big guy in this field just not to little guys like us. I've found Avid's tech support to be very helpful. This is the good news.
The bad news is that I don't think Avid will give Pinnacle and us little guys too much (e.g, multi-core, multi-track, 64-bit) for the too little prices that they charge unless they absolutely have to. Most folks don't have the HW to support these features anyway. If we want pro results, we're going to have to pay pro prices - just IMHO. We should count our blessings over and over that PS will now have support for SmartSound with the V15 product!
To take a look at some of my output, go to YouTube and search for "carl w farley". Mostly church related for distribution purposes but I've done a ton of bluegrass, family, and travel videos. Amazing the time, energy and money a person can put into an interesting hobby.
Keep up the informative chatter and the clever use of PS and workarounds. I'm not one to post but the PS vs. AS thing got me going!
Saturday, February 26, 2011 12:49 PM
That is a lot of power. You shouldn't have any problems with the new AVID Studio. I never switched to a true workstation because I thought if it had two CPU's then it needed a copy of Windows Server. In that case Studio wouldn't run in that environment. I'm excited to find out otherwise. That system should crunch AVCHD like no tomorrow. I've been using Studio for AVCHD footage for about a year now with good success. I have one of the pro AVCHD cameras and I shoot in 1920x1080i at 24mbs per second. I edit and output in1080i HD but youtube converts it to 1080p. With only 2 video tracks the AVCHD at the high bitrate doesnt seem to hang up but, I fear going into more than three tracks in AVID Studio and trying to make it work. I havn't ordered my copy of AVID Studio yet because it'll be a few weeks before I can download it anyway but, I'm super excited. Pinnacle Studio on steriods I hope. Check out my fishing show I do on Youtube as well farleycw and crew here at Declic. When you are on Youtube just search for "Fishnwithjoe"
Monday, March 7, 2011 2:56 PM
To fishnwithjoe - Thanks for the feedback on my comments. I hope I have as much luck in the future with my endeavors as you're having. I'll keep watching this/your site as I like it a lot.

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