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Eye Scream Factory

Eye Scream Factory - DVD Art Professional Volume IV

Our promotion is ending 1st March 2011... Do not loose time and order your copy.

In previous newsletter, we presented Eye Scream Factory, as well as associated tutorial for using those menus. It was also possible to obtain very big discount. DVD Art Professional Volume IV and DVD Art Essentials Volume IV have been launched recently. Following an agreement with Eye Scream Factory, we are very pleased to offer another big discount, valid until 1st March 2011. To take the opportunity to buy it at a low price, please use the following coupon code (you can have a look to our tutorial or previous newsletter to see other people comments, who are very satisfied with the product). The discount is specific to the readers of our website and you will not find it anywhere else !

  • 67% discount (-20$) for the purchase of DVD Art Essentials Volume IV
    ($ 9.95 instead of $ 29.95)
    coupon code: declicESS for DVD Art Essential Volume IV
  • 70% discount (-50$) for the purchase of DVD Art Professional Volume IV
    ($ 29.95 instead of $ 99.95)
    coupon code: declicPRO for DVD Art Professional Volume IV
  • If you purchase DVD Art Essentials Volume IV, then you can purchase DVD Art Essentials Volume III and/or Volume II and/or Volume I with 67% discount as well (you will see these offers after you press the "CHECKOUT" button in the store).
  • If you purchase DVD Art Professional Volume IV, then you can purchase DVD Art Professional Volume III and/or Volume II and/or Volume I with 70% off as well (you will see these offers after you press the "CHECKOUT" button in the store).

What are the differences between "Essential" and "Professional": DVD Art Essential Volumes contain only background image (static - not animated). Buttons (main and chapter DVD Menu), matching disc label and case insert are only available with DVD Art Professional Volumes (in PSD format). Animated background are sold separately, please refer to the full catalog available here.

For using those menus, please refer to our tutorial: "Using Eye Scream Factory menu".

To have an idea of the product content, here is an overview:

DVD Art Essential Volume IV (20 themes and 80 backgrounds images - 20 themes per resolution, HD 1920, HD1280, SD NTSC and SD PAL). All images are JPG files, Mac and PC compatible, SD, HD (1920 and 1280), NTSC, and PAL. To order DVD Art Essential Volume I with 67% discount ($ 9.95 instead of $ 29.95), use coupon code declicESS.



Bamboo DVD Menu Template

Camo DVD Menu Template

Cardboard DVD Menu Template

Circles and Stripes DVD Menu Template

Circles Lines DVD Menu Template

Color Band DVD Menu Template

Crosshair DVD Menu Template

Desert Sunset DVD Menu Template

Flames DVD Menu Template

Handgun DVD Menu Template

Leopard DVD Menu Template

Prickly Pear DVD Menu Template

Radial DVD Menu Template

Ripples 2 DVD Menu Template

Squares DVD Menu Template

Stripes DVD Menu Template

Swirl DVD Menu Template

Tiger Stripes DVD Menu Template

Tropical Foliage Table DVD Menu Template

VHS DVD Menu Template




DVD Art Professional Volume IV contains everything from DVD Art Essentials Volume IV + main and chapter DVD menus in HD, NTSC, PAL, and DV along with matching disc labels, case inserts, and background images. All templates are provided as layered Adobe Photoshop files. Background images are provided as .JPGs. They do not contain animated background. To order it, use coupon code declicPRO (-70%).

Reminder: this company offers downloadable content to enliven your DVD menus :

  • still backgrounds in .jpg format in standard resolution (SD) and high resolution (HD 1920 & 1280), either NTSC or PAL format
  • animated backgrounds in .mov format.
  • menu templates with backgrounds, buttons, case insert, disc label and lower-thirds. All that in .jpg or .psd format.

Everything is grouped by themes such as Wedding, Family, Family, Holidays, Nature and many others. You are lucky, we will explain in our next three tutorials how to use all of the content.

The content is royalty-free. This means that you can use as many times as you want as part of your video and DVD projects (for your personal DVD as well as commercial DVD - it is simply forbidden to resell or freely distribute the material. Check the licence for additionnal information).

Associated tutorial:


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