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Let's talk about SmartSounds (initially published in 20 November 2011)

Latest update 18 March 2012: Hooray! Save 20% Off SmartSound Sonicfire Pro 5 and 10 Multi-Layer Royalty Free Music tracks (including 46 Sound Effects Hit Files). Use coupon code DECLIC20OFF or use this direct URL. Expires January 31, 2013 !! Thanks to SmartSound for this fruitfull discussion which allow our reader to enjoy SmartSounds products with a very nice discount. (or check this article: Save 20% off SmartSounds !)

Update 26.11.2011: We discussed last week about SmartSounds for Pinnacle Studio and AVID Studio, and saby show us his latest tutorial regarding SmartSound. Gert - one of our most active reader - asks a question to SmartSound, here is the email he sent us:

"Question to SmartSound: how to best make a copy of the Studio 12 Library once it is installed. Here is their response: If you would like to backup the files in case of a hard drive crash, you can copy the entire "SmartSound Software Inc" folder to an external drive. To find the "SmartSound Software Inc" folder, click the Tools menu in Sonicfire Pro, then choose Options. Now   the Folders tab of the options menu and click the link that says "Click here to browse this folder". This will open up a window in the "SmartSound Software Inc" folder. Copy this entire folder to a backup drive. If you ever need to restore it, you can simply reinstall Sonicfire Pro, then replace the same "SmartSound Software Inc" folder from your backup back onto the hard drive and it should restore everything."

It was already discussed in Saby's tutorial, but probably not in a clear manner. That's why we also take this opportunity to update the tutorial, to clarify this point. Thanks to Gert !

As you may have read in our news All About Avid Studio and All about Pinnacle Studio 15, Avid offers a plugin for several months in order to use SmartSounds in Avid Studio and Pinnacle Studio 15.

Let's go back. Until version 10, Pinnacle Studio included SmartSounds natively. Following the acquisition of Pinnacle by Avid, a device home, Scorefitters, was developed and from Studio 11 the SmartSounds have not been integrated into Studio except for those who already had compatible versions of Studio. From Studio 12 it was spoiled. See our news End of SmartSound with Studio ? and Smartsound available in Studio 12.x to see what happened. So its from Studio 14 that SmartsSounds have disappeared from the world of Studio regardless of case.

It took several months to Avid and SmartSound amke an a new agreement so that we can once again enjoy this wonderful tool.

If you want discoverer or rediscover SmartSounds :

[Read tuto : Installing and using SmartSounds in Avid Studio and Pinnacle Studio]



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Wednesday, November 23, 2011 9:57 PM

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