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The year 2011 was eventful for all lovers of video editing. We had to gradually learn to forget the single Pinnacle name and to now associate it with the AVID name. We heard many rumors flying around, with more or less verified but sometimes contradictory information. After some information leaks, intentional or not, two new versions of our preferred non-linear editing software were finally out of the bag. Studio 15, latest in the line of the Studios was put on the market, and then the newest generation, Avid Studio, made it's appearance.

We have always tried to keep you informed as things occurred but we only publish information we have verified:

A lucky few of you have even managed to win a free license for some software:

Or to win prizes:

Or to obtain discount as much as -70% discount :

Numerous updates and innovations were made in proDAD:

A pinned tutorial :

And all our articles updated on a regular basis:

And finally, 2011 Christmas Gifts which has been written with lot of care, to give you full satisfaction with your non linear video editing software.

Few statistics for those who are interested (to be compared with 2008 statistics, see Some statistics):

  • you spent ~4 minutes on our website, and you are 65% new visitors
  • 33% speaks french, 33% speaks english, followed by netherlands, portugal, italian, spanish, russia, etc...
  • 28% are living in France, 15% in USA, followed by India, Italia, Canada, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Brazil, etc...
  • 36% are using Internet Explorer while 35% use FireFox and 22% Google Chrome - by the way, those who are still using Internet Explorer should give a try with FireFox or Google Chrome, because IE is very slow to display our website (we are still working on it, to understand why and how we could correct this !!). Then, some of you are connecting using Safari, Opera, Android, etc...
  • 2% visit our website with a mobile (sorry, we do not have any intention to developp anything specific at the moment), 1/4 on iPad, 1/4 on iPhone, and then iPod Touch, SonyEricsson & Samsung Gallaxy S2, ...
  • 95% of our visitors are using Windows (58% Windows 7, 33% XP, 8% Vista), 3% MAC, and then iPad, iPhone, Android, etc....
  • 15% are using a screen resolution of 1024x768, 13% in 1920x1080, 12% in 1280x1024, 10% in 1366x768, 8% in 1680x1050, etc...

So to conclude this review, we will finish the year by wishing you all the best in a display of light, and hoping that the year 2012 will be as fruitful as 2011 was in the video world.

Edit Declic Video FX: on my side, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who contribute to this website, and without whom it would not exists, or at least would be just an empty website...

  • you, readers! Yes, YOU, because the purpose of this website is to give fresh and accurate information. Without you, there would be no reason to continue this website. Your congratulations (received by mails) are published in our guestbook.
  • gg, JCD59, Loosecannon, Francis57, Czmax, titou, EKinnaer, cyborgjeff, fjones52, grendet, JCGrini, JJN, Larocom, malobar, Mamounette, Markk655, papacamera, Pixel, proeland, Ron, Telemac, Ades & wimnatur who have contributed in some extent to achieving this website. You have all, at one time, provided a tutorial, HFX effects, a translation, manage a web page, promoted the website, tested an effect, helped in one way or another by giving the boost that we need, ...
  • And of course, a huge congratulations and thank you to Le Papy and Saby, without whom this site would not exist, they are the pillars of the site, no need to remember all the work they do, I would just shoot them an hats off, thank you guys, I have often pushed or make your life hard, but I think the whole community here will thank you for the phenomenal job you have done in 2011. Wish that 2012 looks like 2011 and make video, read and support us!

If you do not know Declic Video Website, please consult: Who is doing What on declic-video-fx.com website ?
Do not forget that you can be informed of the whole video editing information regarding Pinnacle Studio, AVID Studio, Hollywood FX, proDAD & Boris Graffiti by subscribing to our free newsletter, your email address will not be distributed to anyone else.


And now, be prepared to see some videos from 2011...


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Sunday, January 1, 2012 6:18 PM
Happy New year back at you.For me the two best investments in NLE I made in 2011 was Avid Studio and the ShuttlePro V2.Thanks for the discount on Vitascene2,this has always been a favorite although Magic Bullet is very close.My wishes for 2012,1. 64 bit Avid Studio,2.Scopes for color balancing,3.I don't kill myself getting cool shots with my new GoPro.4.A long life for Declic Video.Thanks for all your help and once again Happy New Year.
Déclic Vidéo FX
#Déclic Vidéo FX
Monday, January 2, 2012 5:27 AM
Hello Graham,

Thanks a lot for taking time to post your wishes, very much appreciated. I love your wishes list !!

1- 64 bits AVID Studio, I hope so !!
2- Can you please clarify "scopes" ? Tutorials ? Plugins ?
3- Show us some cool video with your GoPro !! Which kind of sports do you do with it ?
4- :-)

I am currently making some new serie of tutorial, for people who are starting with AVID Studio, as well as people who use it daily, but who might have forgotten few tricks and menu not used very often...
We will see if it has success.

Saturday, January 7, 2012 2:53 AM
I meant Vector-scopes.They make color balancing so much more consistent than depending on your eyes at 2:30 am.They are available in Vegas pro and up.They almost have to be done within the platform, I don't think they work as plug in's as I've looked for them and can not find them.It could be one of the reasons to shell out more money for a pro(like Avid Pro 6) app. which I don't want to do for sometime.As much as I want to go pro, unless I was to get drunk in a bar in Anchorage with Spielberg I don't think I want a $2300.00USD NLE(oh but what a wonderful dream).I actually was an LD for a big Ski resort gala (1998) that he and a mess of other celebs. attended.That's another fish that got away story.

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