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BIAS has ceased operations, authorization process is frozen

Approximately one month ago, BIAS indicated on its website, that it has ceased operations...

It was still possible to activate BIAS SoundSoap plugin (delivered with Studio ULTIMATE) few weeks ago. We explained it here: BIAS SoundSoap registration

Update 12th august 2012: I promised to get information from Pinnacle/Avid regarding BIAS SoundSoap plugin, but I'm still in "holiday mode" and therefore it's plemmens (german moderator) who ask it for me, thanks plemmens!... In summary, it's the following:

  • BIAS SoundSoap ceased operations;
  • there is therefore no possibility to activate the plugin if you re-install your computer (keep your actual configuration if you wish to continue using it);
  • the plugin is no longer for sale on e-shop Pinnacle / Avid

Now, the website is closed, and it's not possible anymore to activate it...
Thanks to Gert who sent us this information.



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Gert Oskar Reitner
#Gert Oskar Reitner
Wednesday, August 1, 2012 12:01 PM
Is there a way of transferring a authorized version from one computer to another computer ?? Surely there must be a solution for the users who have purchased Studio 11 Ultimate containing Bias SoftSoap ??

Déclic Vidéo FX
#Déclic Vidéo FX
Thursday, August 2, 2012 11:04 AM
To my knowledge, there is no possiblity.... Sorry !!...
I will enquire with Pinnacle Support anyway,

Wednesday, July 16, 2014 8:57 PM
I should note that SoundSoap has a new version available, with both a standalone application, and a 'plug-in' of sorts (VST?) that I believe isn't compatible with Pinnacle products (yet) but does work with (for example) Sony MovieStudio.

SoundSoap 3 plug-ins require Windows 7/8 or Mac OS 10.6 or later and a compatible Audio Unit, VST, RTAS or AAX host application

The new product is available from Soundness-llc.com and they contacted me because of my old SoundSoap registration, and offered it at a $49 price, vs. the regular $149.

Anyway, not trying to shill for them, but thought people might like to know. I have no idea how the new add-in Studio 17.5 is by comparison with this.

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