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Vignette Voeux 2012

The whole Déclic Vidéo FX team wish you a happy new year. We sincerely hope that you will obtain everything you wish, happiness, health, and much more !!...

When I read last year newsletter, I see that we were discussing about AVID Studio, the new comer... This year, COREL is the new comer and AVID is no more on the scene... So, who's next ?...

I also see that I inserted some statistics on the past year (Hoping that 2012 Brings You Happiness and Good Health!): all articles published and much more. This year, I propose that YOU tell us what you think about 2012, what you learn, what you like, what you dislike... This way, we will better know you, and what is the most interesting for you, why you are coming on our website. You are thousands to visit us each day, but at the end, we only obtain one comment on last year article... So, let's try to do better than 2012, and we will reach 2 comments ? It's not that difficult. Just below this article, fill in your surname (no need to put your real name), your email address (it's no visible on the website, it's just there so you can receive an email whenever someone send a comment, you might de-activate this with the appropriate tick box below), and insert your comment. Voilà... 

I forget to ask you if you receive some gifts for Christmas ? If you still wish to have some gifts, consult our 2012-2013 Gifts Ideas that we update on a regular basis. By the way, I think that some of you are waiting for the famous discount for proDAD Defisher ? Here it is, the link to get a 25% discount on the proDAD Defishr software, waiting a review of the product. Isn't it a nice gift for the new year ?

Before you comment on this article, here is the usual video for new year, made by saby :


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Wednesday, January 2, 2013 4:33 AM
This past year has been very good to me. I have spent a year now in Poland and love it. I have shot videos and have been able to share them with my family and friends back in the States. Of course, edited with Avid Studio and then Pinnacle Studio 16.
I have spent a lot of time at this site. It offers a wealth of information and help in addition to all those wonderful transitions for FREE!!!
Looking forward to a great new year with hopefully an upgrade of PS16 to include more "prosumer" features!!!
Wednesday, January 2, 2013 12:51 PM
Hi Tony,

Thanks for your kind words. It's a pleasure for us to work for the community.
Gert Oskar Reitner
#Gert Oskar Reitner
Wednesday, January 2, 2013 3:51 PM
Many , many years have passed since my discovery of your excellent Website and it is my hope that you will prevail with comtinued enthusiasm as it has been the case in the past !
It is my sincere wish that you do not abandon the grass roots of Pinnacle which is 15 and lower since there are millions of users around the globe who not always jump into new technologies !

Best Regards
Happy New Year


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