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Déclic Vidéo FX - Gift for our 10 years ! Want a free licence for Pinnacle Studio 18 ? Or a proDAD plugin or Boris Graffiti ?


As you have recently learned on our site, Pinnacle Studio 18 is in public testing phase (read "Pinnacle Studio Plus or Ultimate: which version to choose?").

Beta testers are currently looking at the beast from every angle, to provide all the pertinent remarks to developers, so that we can get the best software ever developped. Pinnacle learned errors from the past year and is working hard to avoid further disappointment.

In 2011, we celebrated our 3,000 subscribers (read AVID Studio: grab one free licence !), it is now time to move to the next level, and to celebrate our 10th anniversary! 10 years that we provide support from day to day, with all the latest fresh news about Pinnacle Studio, Boris Graffiti, proDAD, and BluffTitler too. We offer tutorials, news, patches, HFX effects, etc ...



So, to get free licenses of Pinnacle Studio 18 (once released), proDAD Mercalli, Vitascene, Adorage, Boris Graffiti for Studio, it is very simple: send us a short video of 5 to 60 seconds, explaining merits of Declic Video website. This may be a film containing only text, with or without effects, your face, friends, a small scene, whatever you want as long as you tell us what you promote the website. To participate, read the following, it is necessary you follow these indications if you want to apply:

  • Do not answer the Newsletter.
  • Only reply through CONTACT webpage, in the "email" field you must indicate the same email address that you use to subscribe to our newsletter (the email field is not visible publicly)
  • Your comment must include the following seven specific points :
    • Link to your video
    • How did you hear about the declic-video-fx.com site (other website, word of mouth, forum ...)
    • Indicate briefly the topics you prefer (Software, tutorials, links, FAQs, free effects, proDAD, Boris FX, ...)
    • Indicate briefly the subjects you dislike (Software, tutorials, links, FAQs, free effects, proDAD, Boris FX, ...)
    • Indicate briefly the topics that do not interest you at all
    • Enter what you would like to see developped

We will consider all video received, and:

Warning, you should answer before 10th november 2014 ...

Now, your turn...

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Nazim Mamedov
Sunday, October 19, 2014 4:53 PM
Hello ! I live in Russia . Do my lessons for Pinnacle Studio 16-17. I want to test Pinnacle Studio 18. Here's my channel on YouTube
Déclic Vidéo FX
#Déclic Vidéo FX
Wednesday, October 22, 2014 2:31 PM
Dear Nazim,

Do not forget to strictly follow the notes in this article, should you want to participate and want to grab one free licence for Pinnacle Studio or Boris Graffiti or proDAD...
We can't accept any video through comments section.


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