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Thumbnel Mercalli V4 SAL tutorial Have you ever heard about Mercalli ?

Today, Mercalli SAL V4 + (64-bit) is being published. This SAL version (for stand-alone or independent) is a full version, but it is not integrated as a plugin into your favorite linear editing software.

Currently this is the V4.0.443 version that is being published. If you want to have a more precise idea on doing the software installation and quick start process, you can read our new tutorial:

>> " Installation and Overview Mercalli 4 SAL + (Stand-Alone Version) " <<

If you want to know more about Mercalli, you can consult our previous articles on the subjects, read proDAD Mercalli new version = V2Mercalli V2: unlocked Studio plugin available, Mercalli EASY (proDAD) as well as Installation and Overview Mercalli 2 - Stand Alone Version. You can also consult: What is Mercalli and our video .

Currently, you can benefit from a 25% discount on the purchase of the full version: Mercalli V4 -25% discount.
Note that there are multiple opportunities for upgrading from Mercalli V1, V2 or V3 with a discount of 20%, always exclusively available on our website: see here

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