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Pinnacle Studio 19 splash screen

With nearly a month ahead of the release date of Pinnacle Studio 18 there is a year back, Corel just released Pinnacle Studio 19.

As always we deliver the premiere of information. We will come back to you with another article when we have had time to test it more. But in the meantime here's what there is to know about this new release and our first impressions.






As usual now, the software is proposed in three versions : PS19 $59.95, PS19 Plus $99.95 ($69.95 if upgrade) and PS19 Ultimate $129.95 ($89.95 if upgrade).

3 versions

Good news for users of the Standard and Plus versions: a paid option (approximately $7) enables authoring and Blu-ray burning. Bad news for users of the Ultimate version: it's the same as for Standard and Plus. The Blu-ray is not included and one must use his credit card to get it!
I can understand that Corel removes the functionality from the Ultimate version because ultimately few users really need to use it and Corel pays royalties to the Blu-ray Disc Association for each copies of the software. But in that case why they did not simply deduct from the price of the Ultimate version the cost of the license? no


Here are the news that jumped out at us:

The introduction of the user experience ilmprovement program. You can not miss it, that's the first thing that appears when you first open Studio. This is an anonymous and automatic recovery to Corel of informations on users's experience (software usage patterns, crashes, working speed, ...). Of course this option is not mandatory and can be disabled either at first launch the start or from the ? Menu of Studio (UEIP):


Now a double revolution: Default disabling of the controversial Watch Folders. Studio no longer automatically will scan whole sections of your hard drive to look for your media and fatten your library. Those who wish to continue working with this feature can reactivate it in the Control Panel.
But that's not all. The introduction of project bins. The concept of bin is very classic in video editing softwares. A kind of cart is created in which the user place all the assets needed for a particular project (media, transitions, effects, menus, titles, ...). It is then in the bin that user will pick up the elements to be placed on the timeline.


Big news, claimed for years: the addition of a module to manage the multicam. Up to six video tracks and two audio tracks can be managed. There is the ability to synchronize automatically tracks following the waveform of audio. We shall return later to this feature that certainly deserves a dedicated tutorial.


Voice prioritization (audio ducking). Imagine a video of a landscape to which you have added a music background. At one point in this video we see people talking. With this feature, the volume of the music track will be automatically decreased so that we hear what people say and then will return to its normal level to continue to hear the music.


New Blue Video Essentials 4 (bundle of 10 new plugins) in addition to Motion Blends, Light Blends, Film Effects, Stabilizer, Video Essentials 2, 6, 7 already present in PS18 (Thanks Tony P for the info).

Corel announces the addition/improvement of certain media formats support like MXF, XAVC-S, DVC PRO HD, but mostly of variable frame rate videos. I tested it and actually there is no longer desynchronization of sound when videos from iPhone or other phones / tablets recording with variable frame rate are used. heart

Like for Pinnacle Studio 18, the additional content of Studio 19 is no longer mixed in C:\Users\Public\Documents\Pinnacle\Content folder that was shared by all versions of Studio before Studio 18, but in a specific folder. So it's an additional Content directory that takes up space on your hard drive. Those with smaller SSD will have to start paying attention.

Finally, if one install from the DVD, the immediate application of a corrective patch will be proposed at the first use of Pinnacle Studio 19 (no patch needed if installed from downloaded files that are always the last version available). Studio 19 will become I'm betting that it will not be the last patch. wink

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John Heintz
Tuesday, September 29, 2015 3:01 PM
Any information on add ons or plug ins?
Tuesday, September 29, 2015 10:37 PM
The Ultimate version also comes with NewBlue Video Essentials IV in addition to the other new features.
Friday, October 9, 2015 6:10 PM
How is the export quality compared with Ps16-18?
Monday, February 8, 2016 1:07 PM
There are important things missing from the above review:

If the reviewer did really try to work using this software and not only gone through the GUI on a sample movie I DO NOT BELIEVE that during the review process there were no crashes, hangs during export etc. This is a huge (ang BIGGEST) problem with PINNACLE STUDIO.
If only the software would work (without major bugs) it would be a great application. However:

* the application often crashes on startup ... or suddenly due to one of the background processes crashes.
* there are unexpected hangs during export of the ready movie
* there are many cases when the rendered movie contains black screen or exclamation mark instead of the transitions / effects even when on a preview there is everything ok. So all the ready movies have to be carefully examined for that.

If you start working on the movies I promice you: you will be VERY frustrated. The longer the movie, the more time spent on it the greater is the chance something will crash rendering all the work useless.

Also there are some minor or major glitches in the user interface. It is very uneasy to synchronize between tracks. If you add title overlay to a track above in for instance 6th minute of the movie, and then adjust length of one clip in first minute of the movie - the synchronisation betwen title overlay and the main movie is lost - the overlay is not synchronizes with the movie. In old good Studio 8 or less there was a mode which kept the tracks synchronized. It is gone since at least 7 or 8 versions and you have to do the upside-down tricks to keep the tracks synchronized. I know how to do this but it is completely weird way and requires several useless clicks in a situation you simply want to adjust length of one clip.

The problem with this application is also that it is overbloated with zillion of useless pathetic transitions / effects etc. Normally I would say that more is better but in this case no: it is very uneasy to find a simple elegant transitions inside this haystack of provided stuff. if you are working with this application you waste a lot of time to find usefull effects/ titles. I would personally remove 99% of them, leave only the good quality effects and trasitions which differ from each other and leave the rest on the DVD for 1% of freaks who would like to waste time on searching for them, or at least add some group of 'BASIC TRANSITIONS' to help with editing.


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