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New support policy I discovered by chance that the Pinnacle Support Policy had changed. It seems that this change occured three or four months ago.

So far the free support was provided for a period of 14 days after product registration and only for installation or activation problems. The client received an email with a ticket code to enable this support.
Apart from this case, you had to buy a priority support ticket that cost $ 25.

Today the free assistance is not limited to this period of 14 days and installation or activation problems. This free online technical support is delivered by email from the registration form " Review Support Policy ". Those who wish to have priority support by telephone must still purchase a support ticket.

No communication has been issued on this subject by Corel and we must believe that everyone at Corel is not aware of this new situation as users continue to receive post-recording email titled "Welcome to the 14 days free assistance !".   cheeky

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Miroslav Polner
#Miroslav Polner
Saturday, November 14, 2015 9:20 AM
Contact Pinnacle support is almost impossible! While PS19 is under Win7 / 64bit useless! I wrote to them several times and no response!
Saturday, November 14, 2015 12:39 PM
Tech support is a thing of the past..... with the dependence for support falling on the user forums and those that try and help others.
I have not had a need to use them, but to not be prompt in email support is something I am reading more and more of.
Thank goodness for the tireless work of the forum Moderators and users that lend their support for people with Pinnacle/Corel issues.
@Miroslav, I have PS19U working with Win7 64, and have done one long form video (wedding), and one complex short (7 minutes). Were there problems? You bet. But none stopped me from working. Hopefully patches are on the way...
Stop by the Pinnacle User forum and see if you can get help.
Just be specific with the problem and leave the rants for an email to Pinnacle, not the users in the forum.

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