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Thumbnail Manage Your Activation Keys In the fight against fraud, software vendors are always looking for ways to implement new types of protection. Several different vendors, in different fields, have made the choice of using a software activation key supplemented by an Internet activation control in order to limit the number of authorized installations. I will only talk about the video area and the two video editors that interest us the most.

Firstly, I have already told you about the Boris Graffiti 6.6 plugin and I refer you to the tutorial " Boris Graffiti 64-bit Plugin is Hard to Find Online " (Step 4 and 6) if you want to know more about the installation, protection and activation.

More recently, the NewBlue Paint Effects plugin comes with a Studio 19 Ultimate promotional bundle (See "Special Offer Studio 19 Ultimate and Paint Effects" which uses such an anti-piracy method.

When installed, the plugin asks you to register and enter the serial number. If you opt not to, you will only have a 14 day trial version. Otherwise, if everything is in order, you'll have the thanks of NewBlue ...

Your registration, your activation key and the number of activations is recorded. You can not install the software a second time without receiving the following message:

"You have activated this product the maximum number of times.
Please first deactivate it on another computer or contact support for assistance".

So before you uninstall the software or format your hard drive, make sure to deactivate the license.

  1. From 7 Add-ons ...
  2. Click NewBlue Paint Effects and choose an effect in the ribbon ...
  3. Click the Open button.
  4. Click the Manage Activation button.

In case you simply uninstalled the software without disabling the license, you can still reactivate it if you reinstall the software on the same computer (But better safe than sorry, right? Because it does not work with all software provided with this protection ...)


Access to the activations management

In the management activation window :

  1. Copy your serial number and put it somewhere for safekeeping.
  2. Click the Deactivate button.

Confirm your choice.

Your serial number is then available for another installation.

La fenêtre de gestion de l'activation

This type of protection is rapidly becoming widespread and I think everyone will have to quickly make a checklist to disable software before formatting the hard drive ... and there's always the possibility of a hard disk crash and this is an opportunity for me reiterate once again all the advantages of a disk image backup .... smiley

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