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Free HFX collection : TORONTO




At the request of one of our readers, Le Papy offers you a series dedicated to Toronto. Here are 6 new transitions for you to edit to suit your future needs:

  • 405-Toronto01: Image A peels to the left revealing a sailboat sailing in front of the Toronto skyline. Image B then peels in from the right.

  • 405-Toronto02: Image A fades into the Doughy Frame revealing an aerial view of Toronto. Image B briefly covers the panorama view before morphing to a full screen size.

  • 405-Toronto03: Image A recedes to reveal a Toronto subway car. Image A enters the subway car through one door while Image B exits through a closer door and then fills the screen.

  • 405-Toronto04: Image A morphs into a thrown baseball with a maple leaf logo to reveal the CN Tower. The baseball then changes to Image B and fills the screen.

  • 405-Toronto05: Image A scales down to reveal a snowman at the University in the winter. Image B then scales up from behind the snowman to fill the screen.

  • 405-Toronto06: Image A scales down to reveal a night scene of the Ice Rink at City Hall. Image B then appears as a rising Moon which then morphs to fill the screen.

Currently you have the download files available in the following packages:

To download the zip file, go to the Free HFX page , find 001 or 101 or 201 or ... and click on the "Go" button. In the extract that appears, find your target and click on "Visit" to download the ZIP file.  If you have difficulties unzipping our transitions, refer to step 1 of the tutorial " My HFX transitions create problems for me.. ."


[Download the new HFX]
(and do not forget that you can  preview our HFX ...)

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Reminder for Pinnacle Studio 16, 17, 18 (or AVID Studio 1)  : Management, Installation and Use of HFX effects and How to View DV Transitions in Studio?


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Gert Oskar Reitner
#Gert Oskar Reitner
Saturday, May 28, 2016 4:23 PM
Thank You , Thank You !!!
Le Papy
#Le Papy
Saturday, May 28, 2016 4:40 PM
@ Gert Oskar Reitner : A promise is a promise... :-)

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