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Will be interested in knowing the country of origin of each of you ? Which browser is the most commonly used by people visiting this website ? Which operating system is the preferred one ? Does Vista already installed on video computer of many people or not ?...

Here are some statistics for the website http://declic-video-fx.com, on last month (January 2008):

The major operating system is Windows XP (> 80%). Nevertheless, for few weeks, Vista reach 10% (very slow growth and not as important as it was advertises).

Operating system

Where are you coming from ? Be prepared for the results, there are 144 countries and/or territories ...



Spoken Language (OS) Percentage of visits
French 38.4 %
English US 22.9 %
Netherlands 6.8 %
Germany 4.8 %
Italien 4.7 %
Russian 3.9 %
Spanish 3.5 %
Portuguese (including Brasil) 3.4 %
Polish 2.5 %
Czechoslovak 1.6 %
Others 7.5 %

Concerning the combination of operating systems / browser, here is the result:

Browser type

Finally, an important data for all video editing people, the screen resolution:

Screen resolution

I hope that you enjoy this small tour of the world and you will come back soon...

(where are you, english speaker people ?... Recently, french subscribers have increased and exceed in number english speaker subscriber)

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Tony P
#Tony P
Wednesday, February 20, 2008 11:03 AM
I would have loved to taken the survey to help out the English speaking people!

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