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The beginning of the generic series "The Persuaders" © You probably know gg. The effects and transitions that we published recently certainly must have inspired you. But gg can do more than this... And she presents today her first tutorial. She has chosen to share her method for creating an intro that imitate the famous TV series "The Persuaders" ®. She also makes available to you, all the transitions she created for his own effects.

As you will see for yourself, it's a perfect starting point for a video of an engagement party or wedding. If you follow the recommendations included in the tutorial your imagination will do the rest.

"Simulating the Intro to The Persuaders ®"

For this, we have also uploaded the various transitions created for this special occasion: 273-amicale1 up to 273-amicale4, in our usual HFX page.

With these new HFX, we have also answered a request for a fading transition to white:

  • 274-fondu-blanc (to be inserted between two clips);
  • 274-fondu-blanc2 (to be inserted at the end of a clip to replace the usual black fading by a white fading).

The request was made on January 16th 14h25, you can see that we react quite rapidly too all HFX request....

Déclic Vidéo Note: I would like to take this opportunity to thank GG for participating in this collaboration website. She accepted to join our team ! The french team is now composed of Kiwi, Le Papy, saby, JCD59 and myself for the active member part. She will soon offer new tutorial, that will have the same level as this one ! So, if you like her tutorial, please encourage her by leaving a small note on the comment part of her tutorial. It's always appreciated...

I would like to also thank all other french people acting for this website: Francis57 for his active participation (FAQ and other), CaptainJo for his tutorial regarding menu DVD which should be enhanced rather soon, ggfx for his tutorial regarding IrfanView (when do you do other tutorial ??), JCGrini for his advice, Mamounette for her tests (HFX and others), papacamera who initiated HFX previews, Rémy Fehlmann for all his advice (once more introduce in FAQ) and finally Mike34 for his tips & tricks regarding AVCHD. Thanks to all of you, you are adding value to this website.

For the english part of this website: FKJones52 & markk655  for the fine tuning, grendet for his technical engagement (server check), wimnatuur for his advice from time to time. But these people have their own commitment and can not be fully available. That's why Loosecannon is the key person for our translation. Nevertheless, fine tuning require a good english level from the very beginning, something we can not achieve with Google translation... That's why Gjslaw recently accepted to join us to strengthen the team ! And that's a good news, we will soon show you the result of his marvelous work... Thanks Gjslaw, we will soon discuss this topic again. Without you, DV FX english will have died...

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