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If you are running Pinnacle Studio under Windows 7 and you have problems with VitaScene, here is the solution:

  • Download VitaScene 1.0.45 patch
  • If you still have problems, you can also follow this procedure:
    • Open Windows Explorer with Windows-Key + 'E';
    • Right click Computer > Properties;
    • Advanced System Settings;
    • Under Performance click Settings;
    • Tick (Enable) or Untick (Disable) Enable Desktop Composition;
    • Apply.

2 proDAD VitaScene Patch 1.0.45 are available (also called "service pack"). The first ServicePack is for all NLEs (including Pinnacle Studio) excepted Edius/Neo. The second ServicePack is for Edius/Neo user.

Download the patch

Do you know that you can add more than 200 effects to your VitaScene for Pinnacle Studio version ? And you can also obtain a coupon code, i.e. 25% discount if you purchase VitaScene upgrade through the following links :

What is VitaScene ? Also check: VitaScene, the beginning, VitaScene magic trunk, Let it snow.
You can consult our VitaScene FAQ, where you will learn which differences you have between VitaScene for Studio and VitaScene full version.

Previous patch, VitaScene 1.0.43 and 1.0.44 brings:

  • Edius 4: miscolored issue fixed;
  • Edius 5: save user presets fixed, crash at shutdown solved;
  • Adobe CS4: shut down issue fixed, use of plugin possible without any problems with Adobe Premiere 4.1;
  • Sony Vegas 9: rendering speed is drastically improved;
  • Pinnacle Studio: no enhancement, nothing new (no need to update).
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