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La mise en place des boutons personnalisés sur un menu de DVD

We have encouraged you to make your own custom buttons for your DVD menus. Even if it takes a little longer than using a pre-made button, it's a real pleasure to be able to use your own creations. I remember a very nice button in the shape of South America that was used for a DVD menu of a honeymoon on that continent....

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Picture news Delogo

A little cleaning does not hurt.

You will learn how to hide an embarrassing part of a video such as a logo, a watermark, dirt or dead pixels. Do not run to ....

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The beginning of the generic series "The Persuaders" © You probably know gg. The effects and transitions that we published recently certainly must have inspired you. But gg can do more than this... And she presents today....

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Using the Title track to insert a video

The forgotten track is a book written by a great writer-climber whose name was Roger Frison-Roche, but it is another forgotten track  I want to talk about... On March 3, 2007, on the french forum MagazineVideo Perez announced a major discovery that he had made. He had found a trick to....

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 Le Papy has made 5 transitions which do not require the use of any external object.

These are basic transtions, easy to ....

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The 064-news transitionAlthough downloaded more than 10,000 times, this transition, online since April 29 in 2007, had resulted in no comments so far. Then one of our English-speaking users expressed the desire to add a....

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Explosive tutorial

A long time ago in the world of video editing (2005!), a major step was taken by Studio 9 Plus: an overlay track! This innovation inspired JFIL who had benefited greatly from this new track. So, we now create....

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