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The Remy tips to optimize your PC

If you follow a few forums dedicated to video, you know threads are not only relative to just  video. Very often the discussions are directed toward problems of graphic cards, ... Nothing to do with video, at first sight....

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Map an image on a 3D text

At the beginning of Boris Graffiti, I told you that Studio was not able to handle one of the specific feature of Boris : it is impossible to map an image on a text. As you know, at Declic Video FX, we always find solution, workaround or tips and tricks with Studio !...

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Vignette news 3DStroke

A few of graphic animation...

I offer in this tutorial to discover one of the new plugins included in Studio 14 Ultimate Collection: Trapcode 3DStroke.

We will not only see the parameters of the plugin ....


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Twitter logo

Declic Video is on Twitter


It is the Internet address to be essential to your favorites if you do not want to miss the latest gossip concerning video. Less formal than the Newsletter, the tweets provide....

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