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Thumbnail proDAD Mercalli V2 plugin

Several times already we have had the opportunity to tell you about the release of the new version of proDAD Mercalli V2.
This version comes in three options for all budgets, and for all users, integrated or not into your non-linear video editing software with few or many parameters available to the user. So installing this latest version you can find in our tutorial....



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Announcing a new batch program

More and more new users started in video editing with Avid Studio without ever having experienced Pinnacle Studio. They could not take advantage of our 455 free transitions since their installation required the presence of Pinnacle Studio version installed on the same computer. We promised them to look closely at the problem ....




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Adaptation of our tutorials to AVID Studio

You just bought AVID Studio (and you don't know Pinnacle Studio) ? Here is a new tutorial.

Are you using Pinnacle Studio ? Here is an unique opportunity to discover that everything you did with Pinnacle Studio, you can do it with Avid Studio.

This week, discover a new tutorial adapted to AVID Studio, "using transparency in Studio". For beginners, it's an unique opportunity to learn the new AVID interface .....




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AVID Studio - Pinnacle Studio / Support

Edit 17.01.2012: update according to information received from AVID regarding questions we asked...

Oh yes, like everything in this world, things change...


And the time has come for AVID and Pinnacle support, to take a new direction. Indeed, you will now need an "ASC" in order to contact support ....




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Vignette de la défaillance d'exportation

You are satisfied with your editing and you move on to creating your DVD ...

Then unfortunately rendering stops and you get an "Export failure" message. Do not panic:

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