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In response to several requests, we quickly provided a solution to our regular users who wanted to have the counter from a famous American television series ("24 Twenty-Four"). The request had resulted in the launch of the 217-compteur transition.

So today we will show you how to to customize the counter. By following this tutorial, you will not only reach your objectives but you will also greatly improved your knowledge with envelope editing used in the Hollywood FX software.

Discover the "Tip-8 Use and modify the effet #217-compteur"

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Two days ago, we published a solution regarding locked HFX: HFX 1 and 3 headings do not show up in drop-down list A similar problem also appeared with other components... In some rare c...
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Studio Winter Park - Pack Do you love "Pinnacle / AVID Montage"?... Do you want to add content to your favorite video editing software?...

Pinnacle is launching a new pack at the end of the month, named "Winter Park" which contains....

Update 10 march 2012: an issue existed where menu thumbnails were not correctly displayed in Avid Studio when using Winter Pack. Updated versions of these content packs are now available. Please read FAQ#435435.

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Video transcoding You wish to know how to do ?

Web sites like Youtube, Dailymotion, Yahoo! Video, Google Video and many others are for video makers a real treasure chest. Tons of video samples can be....

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In some rare cases, it is possible that the Hollywood FX volumes 1 and 3 are missing after upgrading to Studio version 12.1. The categories and transi...
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Sortie de Studio 12.1.3 The final patch Studio is available.
Download it on our Pinnacle Studio | Patch - Tools webpage

This update/path can be installed over versions 12.0 or 12.01. It can also be installed on the latest BETA (6581).

Before summarizing the main improvements, a great news....

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A TV effect apply to tutorial "Using transparency in Pinnacle Studio" Add a little imagination to your montages
This is not a new tutorial that we present to you this week but a compendium of a few things that revolve around the television and which were online on the former DV site.

These 3 tips are still valid:

  • Zapping
  • Television poorly connected to the antenna
  • The failure of the television receiver

Access the tutorial "TV Effects"

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Good news for our Spanish visitors (~ 3.5% of our visitors). proDAD is expanding its audience and presents his new webpages in Spanish. Now you will choose to surf proDAD pages in English, French, German or Spanish!

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Vignette News Clonage

Are you ever Tempted to Clone Someone?

You'll discover that there is no need to spend a lot of money for expensive special FX software to make your neighbor jealous when he sees your new techniques. With just a few mouse clicks, become a Master in the subtle Art of Video Cloning. You'll only need Windows Paint and Studio to do the job.

[Learn the tutorial : Video Cloning special effect]

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Dimensionner un objet dans un effet HFX

Always easy...

The 201-pip-inverse transition has been widely used ... However, it will serve us one more time to learn how to resize an object in HFX. If you follow our new tutorial, you will also learn how to change the size of an object in an HFX effect.

With help from our previous tutorials (amendment of text - Plugin Terxt3D), moving 3D text, moving objects, resizing objects, you should now be able to modify any transition and even create your own transitions!... Look at our other HFX tutorials, and don't let these small details stop you again.

[Access "Tutorial-14 Change the Size of an Object"]

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User Guides for Pinnacle Studio 12, Magic Bullet Looks for Pinnacle as well as Boris Graffiti for Pinnacle are available on our download page.

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To increase our HFX collection, Le Papy has always some ideas... He designed these 4 HFX files for us. Transitions #258, 259 and 260 only use...

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