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proDAD Mercalli V2

proDAD Mercalli V2 available as an unlocked Pinnacle Studio 16 plugin

That's the information we just received from one of ....

Update 30rd July 2011: special prixe, $82 instead of $200 no more available... But you can still obtain 25% discount on normal price by following our link below !!
Update 20th December 2010: very low prices for christmas, hurry up
Update 1st November 2010 08h00: the information is confirmed by proDAD
Update 1st November 2010 19h00: screen capture available (at the end of this article) !
Update 1st November 2010 22h30: few problems with links and discount for upgrade (waiting a solution for tomorrow, because current price are excessive... not coherent with what they should be for an upgrade).





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How to use proDAD Adorage ? These are the explanations you need to use proDAD Adorage and fully benefit of the many features of the software.

That's what is proposed by 30th Century. This training package can be ....

Update 3rd November 2010: 30th century update their prices for the English TrainingsPackages of Heroglyph, Vitascene and Adorage, also the Super-Bundle with all 3 Packages. This action is valid the next 14 days....


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Nos fichiers ZIP de téléchargements globaux

Cleaning HFX...

Studio 12 was a good opportunity for us to update some of our free Hollywood FX effects, in order to improve their functionality. Recently, we discovered that our file  201-300_HFX-DVFX.zip present some ....



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Picture news smoky transition

Smoking is bad !

But using smoke to make a video transition is good. Since I do not want you to set fire to their home, I'll show you that ....



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Picture news BluffTitler

Do you know BluffTitler ?

BluffTitler creates 3D titles for your videos, as well as cool other effects. {...} Do you know that you can freely enrich your BluffTitler Gallery ? {...}



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