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Keyframes ... if you know all the secrets, you will not learn much by browsing our new tutorial. However, our latest tutorial made for Pinnacle Studio version 16 is an opportunity for us to help you discover while refreshing your memory.
As usual, you will also find some undocumented tips not found in the help files or in the user manual.




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AVID Studio for  iPad (Apple)

Updated October 12th: 

Here is a new patch Pinnacle Studio for iPad application. Version 2.0.2 is launched, it has several iOS 6 improvements as well as more stability....





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Fly over the planet from the starting point to destination arrival to introduce a travel video is a possibility often used in television documentaries or reportages. But how and with what software could we do this to make it appear professional ?...

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Vignette du tutoriel "Utilisez l'éditeur de titres pour créer un thème de montage "

Updated October 7th: we had some problems with the publication of this tutorial, that's why we send the newsletter again.

This tutorial is the latest in a series that has helped you gradually discover the wealth of possibilities in the AVID Studio title editor.

You're probably thinking you already have at your disposal many montage themes without trying to create pseudo montage themes. This tutorial will hopefully dispel that idea so you can discover...

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