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Pinnacle Studio 17 splash screen

As we announced yesterday updating our news "All About Pinnacle Studio 17", the latest birth in the Pinnacle Studio family is actually released today...

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News IE10 You no longer manage to connect the Pinnacle's forum since the Sign in >> button is inactive ....





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The magic touch which will save Pinnacle Studio from crash

Papy is very strong, we all know this... Today, he discovered the magic touch that can help you and to avoid a crash of Pinnacle Studio...

Who has never had a problem in the Effect Editor, like display problems, or an effect that is not taken into account, or when a cursor is no longer active? ...




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AVID Studio pour iPad (Apple)

Update October 4th 2013 : version 4.0.1 is released.

Luma Touch is releasing version 4.0.1 to the App Store today. This is an emergency release to fix ...



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MKLINKS to save free space on your hard disk Like me, you have a system hard drive that is too small ? And you want to install plenty of software ? Pinnacle Studio 16 over your previous version of Pinnacle Studio and Avid Studio ? proDAD Adorage Volumes 1-13 with all your proDAD products already on your computer ?

But now, no more space on your hard disk... Buy a new hard drive? Why not, but it's expensive. You have a ....




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