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Thumbnail Studio 18 patch



Some were surprised to see that a patch was proposed at the same time as Pinnacle Studio 18 release (Basic, PLUS, ULTIMATE). The marketing Director at Corel took the time to explain why in our news : A message from Corel.





So now that you all know why the patch has caught up the software upon its release, let's have a look at improvements brought by this patch ...

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Free speech

Jacques Lamontagne, marketing Director at Corel, wrote this evening a message in the comments section of our news Pinnacle Studio 18 : Review and first impressions.

I reproduce here his message. I hope everybody do appreciate, like me, the free speech of Jacques...



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Pinnacle Studio splash screen

Really, Corel like to make surprises!

Against all odds, Pinnacle Studio 18 came out today and, true to our reputation, we deliver the information to you as soon as possible. Of course we will take the time to test more deeply the last baby of the Pinnacle Studio family ...

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Menu introduction with Pinnacle Studio

With previous Pinnacle Studio versions, we had learned how to make an introduction that opened directly to the chapter menu, but with the new versions (Studio 16, Studio 17 ...), Yann256 show a tip which allow to perform something similar. Yann256 loves to be precise, and therefore, he completely reviewed his tutorial, to introduce a ....



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Déclic Vidéo FX - Gift for our 10 years ! Want a free licence for Pinnacle Studio 18 ? Or a proDAD plugin or Boris Graffiti ?

As you have recently learned on our site, Pinnacle Studio 18 is in public testing phase. Beta testers are currently looking at the beast from every angle, to provide all the pertinent remarks to developers, so that we can get the best software ever developped. Pinnacle learned errors from the past year and is working hard to avoid further disappointment.

On our side, it's time to make a big event for 10th anniversary....





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