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Thumbnail of the tutoriel "Nvidia just not trying to clean up your hard disk"

You may not necessarily be interested in this new tutorial since it's not directly related to your favorite editing software. But if you do video editing, you are certainly involved in updating the driver for your graphics card, with its advantages and disadvantages. So if you answer "yes" to all three questions below, this tutorial might be of great interest to you:


  1. Is your computer equipped with an Nvidia graphics card?
  2. Do you regularly update your driver even if you're not having display problems?
  3. Do you have an SSD (Solid State Drive) for your system disk?

Even if you answered "no" to the first question, it's possible you may still be interested...

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News Studio 19 patch


After a 1st patch (Pinnacle Studio which has been proposed to those who bought the DVD version of Pinnacle Studio 19 (the download version included the patch) Corel has just put online a 2nd patch...

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Boris Graffiti 64 bits plugin thumbnail Fans of the Boris Graffiti plugin may have a long dry spell waiting for a 64bit version. This has now been done but it is not as simple as you might think, nor to to buy it to install, and even to use it. So if you are interested to know the reasons for these difficulties, and the advantages and disadvantages of this plugin...

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Announcing a batch program adaptation There was that day when I announced the modification of our batch programs to include Windows 10 and I thought my work was all up to date. (See "Windows10 and our Batch Programs"). But I wasn't counting on Corel to release Studio 19 almost a month ahead of schedule. It was thus necessary to amend the batch programming script for installing the Declic-Video transitions  to now include Avid Studio to Studio 19.

The new batch program INSTALL.BAT contained in HFX-DVFX-STUDIO-XXX.Zip is compatible with Windows 7/10. It incorporates the Studio 19 version and restores Declic-Video transitions that you had already downloaded and extracted on your computer. It has been online since10/03/2015.

 In general...

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Vignette du tutoriel installation de Pinnacle Studio 19 Ultimate

With Studio 19, you will discover a completely new installer that will make life a lot easier. However, if you want a successful installation the first time, follow our installation recommendations. You might save time and you'll install your software more calmly, discovering the different methods available and always knowing what will happen in the next step..

If I can offer you some advice, it is only to save you time and allow you to make your own decisions...

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