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Best wishes to all for the New Year.
At the beginning of the year when everyone tries to make meaningful resolutions, our efforts will focus once again on continuing to provide maximum information and continuing our work in training assistance ... In short, everything that can simplify your life one way or another and encourage you to go further in the field of video editing.

Aside from our hobby, we wish you and your loved ones good health in the new year. As long as you have your health, even if you have lost everything else, you can make montages and dynamic titles that will undoubtedly delight your audience.

For all, we wish you a lot of good times and we hope you have a lot of fun surfing our site to find your favorite topics and new tutorials which we are already preparing.

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menuA question comes up quite often on the various forums devoted to Studio. “I would like to have an interactive menu, or I would like to be able to play a DVD in it's entirety or chapter by chapter. How can I do this?”

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A Simulation of a Montage Theme

To paraphrase an old advertisement, I would say: "It looks like a Pinnacle Montage Theme, it talks like a Pinnacle Montage Theme... but this is not a Pinnacle Montage Theme". While admiring the quality of some plugins that are available to us, I try to reproduce, in my own way, certain effects, using only what I have on my computer. With the release of Studio 12, new horizons have been opened.

If you're curious, if you are tempted, so ...

See the tutorial "A simulation of a Montage Theme"


PS: we have updated our tutorial "proDAD Heroglyph - Typewriter" with an alternative method using Title Deko in Pinnacle Studio. This is a third version of the original "Typewriter with Boris Graffiti".

PS Bis: "Flashbulb in your video" has also been modified thanks to Cuartetto remarks, from Pinnacle forum. He proposed an alternative method, which is rather simple but very nice ! Thanks to all people who are participating in this big adventure, by posting on the forums or putting some comments in our news article or tutorials. These tutorials belong to all of us, and it serves everybody who learn Pinnacle.

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discount and rebate on prodad: -25% Merry Christmas on declic-video-fx.com

We are pround to inform you that we manage to negociate the best prices for you; 25% discount on all proDAD products, on DV FX website and nowhere else. You will find here:


Take this opportunity and upgrade your light version to full version and enjoy the new functionalities of proDAD software. You will find there additionnal Adorage Volume as well as Creative pack for Heroglyph with 25% discount, upgrade to VitaScene full version for Studio which will bring hundreds of new effects/transitions compared to VitaScene for Studio. So, take this opportunity to stay up-to-date and you will be able to enjoy our new tutorials that will be published in 2009 concerning proDAD tools.

Few examples:

  • Upgrade Heroglyph to full version for less than 35$
  • Upgrade Heroglyph to full version + Creative Pack for less than 140$
  • Upgrade Mercalli to expert version for less than 100$
  • Creative Pack Volume 1 for less than 130$
  • Adorage Volume 10 HD for less than 130$
  • Adorage Volume for less than 60$
  • Upgarde VitaScene to full version for less than 170$

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New version Heroglyph This month, you will discover an old article which was published on our old website. It has been updated with latest information, and you will have an overview of proDAD Heroglyph, enhancements, ergonomics improvements, additional tools, new opportunities, preset projects, additional effects and so on ...

But choosing the right version might be difficult, since you have the choice between "full version" and "Rapid version" (aka light version). Do not worry, we will help you in choosing the right one.

Help yourself with tutorial "Heroglyph - General idea"


During Christmas period, we have been able to negociate a special price for you ! Exceptionnal discount, 25% rebate for proDAD Heroglyph, only available on Declic Video FX website (you should not see it somewhere else). So, take this opportunity and take yours for Christmas, it's the last week-end to obtain your copy...

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Pinnacle rebate

With Pinnacle's Holiday Blowout Sale, there's no better time to upgrade to Studio 12 for your self and family. Order now and get nearly £245 in FREE Studio Add-ons!

Already have Studio 12? Download one of these add-on packs today and save 50%. Hurry! Holiday Blowout offers are only available through 22 December 2008.


On all purchases over £60 from the Pinnacle eStore, shipping is included. Nothing to do on your side, everything is automatic.

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An image stretched in height which only the lower part is visible This happened to me recently after changing some options in Studio for testing purposes. When my tests were finished, I left the options in that configuration. But a few days later, when I wanted to work on some transitions, I had a big surprise!
So after thinking about this, I remembered having adjusted my settings in "Video and Audio Preferences". I also remembered that the problem had been briefly mentioned in posts on the Pinnacle forum. The coincidence became evident, reason why I decided to stick it in a FAQ.


"Some Transitions are not Being Adequately Rendered"

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Icon for news typewriter Heroglyph When word processors and computers did not exist...

For some, it is back in the Stone Age, but in fact it has only been roughly thirty-five years. In the same way that Le Papy showed you in his tutorial : Boris Graffiti, Typewriter Effect, I'll show you that it is possible to simulate the appearance of text as if done with a typewriter with Heroglyph. It is much easier than with Boris Graffiti, but huuuuuuuush, don't tell that to Le Papy, he might get jealous!

[Discover the tutorial : Heroglyph, the typewriter effect]

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Adorage Volume 10 - Special discountproDAD reactivity - fix & patch

Few days ago, we announced: Special discount on Adorage HD V10 for our non linear video editing software (*), and special discount -20% for our reader (as well as special offer for package purchase).

A small bug has affected this new version for few days, disabling the possibility to add a transition in between a video clip and a still image, or between to pictures. Thanks to proDAD, a patch has been launched to solve this proble ! You can download the patch in our usual download page, and we strongly advise you to upgrade. Do not miss the new tutorial made by saby, "Adorage first visit", as well as demonstration video made by saby and Kiwi. Warning, this patch must be applied on Adorage Version 3 only (people who owns/buy Volume 10). It will not work on Adorage Version 2.

Today, no problem affect Adorage Volume 10, which will help people using HD footage to accomplish nice montages. SD is still compatible, of course. This pack include old effects (converted to HD), as well as plenty of new effects (check in our proDAD Adorage page the demo).

Good news, Adorage Volume 4 and Volume 5 are launched for Microsoft Movie Maker. Only volume 1, 2 and 3 was available. With these news volumes, you can obtain a 25% discount as an exclusive offer for reader of Declic Video Website (-25% Adorage Vol. 4, -25% Adorage Vol. 5).

You can also find other discount and coupon code when buying multiple volumes as well as bundle, which save more money (up to 25% on multiple products).

Check out the new demo video for Adorage Movie Maker, by following this link: Adorage Volume 10 - Fix for still pictures + good news

(*) Pinnacle Studio, Adobe Premiere Elements, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Premiere CS4, Sony Vegas, Sony Movie Studio, Thomson Grass Valley     Canopus Edius NEO, Canopus Edius, Magix Video Deluxe 15, Magix Movie Edit Pro 15, Magix Video Pro X, Avid Liquid, Ulead Mediastudio, Ulead Videostudio, Corel Videostudio and Corel VideoStudio Pro.

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A personnal menu One day you suddenly find yourself having to modify an existing menu or even make one from scratch. Creating a new menu is fine, but it's also important to save it to use later on, or modify it again if needed in the future. And if your menu is really good, someone may even ask you to share it. . .

Therefore, you may find this detailed tutorial by Mamounette very interesting and useful.  It should answer any questions you may have. So, if you have any questions ...

Read the tutorial "Saving a Personalized Menu"

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With this new batch of transitions, HFX # 266 to #270, Le Papy and GG offer their latest creations:

- For those living in another HEMISPHERE, transition 266 (1 and 2) you will remember your last journey

- For those who remain in our latitudes, then this is love, gifts and counting down the days so important before the holidays. Our English speaking friends are not forgotten as the calendars were created in both languages.

So Merry Christmas to all and happy montages.

[Free HFX - new items]

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News first tuto Adorage

Here it is...

We are launching today our Adorage tutorials. If you have not yet used this software, this tutorial is made for you. And even if you already know Adorage, Saby will present the new Adorage V10, its interface and how you can use it.

In addition, discover this small video, which show Adorage V10, its use, tip & tricks....



[Discover the tutorial : Adorage, first visit] 

You can also obtain a special discount for Adorage V10

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Recently, we announced proDAD Adorage V10 High Definition.

Here it is ! It's 10 years since the first Adorage effect package was published and today, the 10th Adorage effects package is out – with more than 700 effects in up-to-date HD quality! People still working in standard definition will also be able to use the software, and its new redesigned interface.

proDAD Adorage V10 interface - HD


To discover video demonstration of what can be done with Adorage, as well as the new interface, functionnalities of Adorage Volum 10, and how to get your discount, visit the online article by following this link.

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A free soft by infineon_xp Following a discussion regarding encoding quality in Studio Utilmate V12 on Pinnacle forum, it was proposed to add "_HQ" in the filename, improve HD encoding. infineon_xp, working in IT, has a sudden idea...

Infineon_xp provide a freeware that does the job easily !! He also added an interesting feature that allows pictures to be displayed side by side in a 16 / 9 view, while you can customize the background at your convenience. He also agreed to host its soft on our web site and created the bilingual version that you can enjoy today !

Do not miss it, on our downloads page:

Discover "photos_Studio.exe"

{Thanks to Loosecannon for the finetuning of the freeware}

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Substitution de la carte de la Floride à la carte de France

At first it was a simple map of France with the names of two cities located at their proper geographical positions. It was then asked whether it was possible to change the names of these two cities and put them in their proper location on the map... So today we expand the customization of this effect by changing the background map. So now, you can change the country, city... And if you have a map of the moon you can let your imagination run wild.

Then look quickly "Tip 10 - Changing the map for the HFX 191 Effect"


Otherwise, we take this opportunity to ask you to watch the new video clip made by Barabanbleu.

[View Barabanbleu video]

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