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Entries for December 2009


The whole Declic Video team joins me in wishing you a happy new year. Let this year 2010 be the best one for you, dear readers, your family, your friends ....

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Picture news Regdelete

A new Regdelete is available !

Pinnacle has recently posted the latest version of Regdelete. This version supports....

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Santa Claus

Far from the difficulties of any kind, I would like to send a little message of peace, tolerance and naive hope.
To illustrate all this, I chose a barren landscape under the snow with a loaded and threatening sky. But the sled which crosses should unite all our childhood memories and our avatars halt the gradual fall of snow to unveil a beautiful blue sky that lasts, I hope, until next Christmas. All team and all participants who cooperate for the animation of this site, wish you a merry Christmas.

[38 secondes of hope]

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proDAD Adorage Volume 11 - Global Travel and Flags FX proDAD expands Adorage product line with effects package Volume 11: Global travel and Flags FX

As its name suggests, Adorage effects package Volume 11 includes 5'000 global travel themed effects and transitions, including flags of the world, continents, images of countries and combination images (all in HD resolution). Rendering of the effects is fast, as usual with proDAD designed codecs. As usual, Declic Video FX website present this new collection; we also offer 25% discount, ....

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Picture news Motion Title

A real novelty !

Studio 14 has undergone numerous improvements over its predecessors and adding new features...
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