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Hollywood FX my Swiss Army Knife of video Once again, using my Swiss Army Knife of video, Hollywood FX, I attempt to play MacGyver. Of course, if you use a ready-made title, you can certainly make it even better and more quickly. But when you need to do this kind of title only once and you have a little time to spare, why not ?

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40 thumbnails per page, it's possible !

If you use a lot of photos, you use the Studio tab called "Show photos and frame grabs" which other programs may call by another name. Ergonomic improvements made by Studio 12 were too often ignored to suit my taste. Francis57 will show you these improvements that make life easier. In addition to the settings on this tab that lets you view your photos, you will be shown a bonus feature that needs just a small handy right-click.
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Tomorrow is Valentine's Day.
In case you may have forgotten, gg and Le Papy will help you remember by offering two transitions especially for you, HFX  #276 and #277.

The Future of our free HFX Effects : An important survey...

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Vignette news handwriting

A small writing lesson, sound interesting ?

I can assure you that you do not need to look in the attic for your inkwell and pen-holders. On the other hand your PC and Heroglyph will be useful. I offer you a tutorial that will teach you how to insert a title in your video that accurately simulates handwriting.

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Le 4ème tutoriel Boris GraffitiEnjoy learning, isn't it the best way to retain things?

While still in this spirit, you can live a moment of madness starting out with a pride of lions in the early morning, on the open savannah....

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