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Thumbnail of news 'Have you tried the 'Movie' transition came with Avid Studio?'

I tell you, this beautiful HD transition deserves a careful look. So personally, I would answer "YES" to the question.
But honestly, after a first wave of excitement, I wasn't all that excited at the end. I decided I wanted to take advantage of the best parts of this beautiful effect....




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News new moderators

In a general framework for improving relations with its customers, Avid has decided to ...

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Vignette de news Intro-MenuIntroducing a menu ?

It may be interesting to introduce a film with a small presentation before leading to the chapters of the menu.. But how to make a natural transition from the introduction to the menu?.....

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AVID Studio for  iPad (Apple)

Few days ago, we announced AVID Studio for iPad. As promised, I will tell you everything about it, after intensive tests this week-end... I promise to tell the truth, you will know everything about it (crashes but also remedy for it) ! ....




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AVID Studio for  iPad (Apple)

Update 8th February 2012: new article which explain everything about AVID Studio for iPad.

Update 12th February 2012: discover of a survey created by Avid.

Update 15th February 2012: version 1.0.1 is online at App Store. Stability improvements.

Indeed, what a big surprise to discover that Avid and Pinnacle has launched an iPad application called AVID Studio. It's available on ....

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