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"New batch file for transferring content into AVID Studio"

Here they are...


With each new Studio version, you are used to find our batch files. Enjoy !

  1. Batch file to transfer old Pinnacle Studio content to new AVID Studio; realised by Le Papy with the help of Francis57
  2. Batch file to update HFX album for Avid Studio, realised by Le Papy with the help of Francis57
  3. General information related to HFX transitions

This time, it's a little bit different since ....

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Avid Studio - Logo

AVID Studio has been launched on March, 8th 2011. AVID takes the opportunity to offer one full licence to one of our reader (one licence for a french reader, one licence for an english reader). Past and current collaborators of our website are excluded (full list on Who is doing What on declic-video-fx.com website ?, as well as authors of our articles).

But who will get this licence, offered by AVID va-t-il offrir cette licence ?

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ça avance à grands pas...

[Update of an article published on September 24th 2009]
Everyone is working flat out !

1 - Pinnacle's side, the database solution has been supplemented by numerous Studio 14/15 items.

2 - The user manual for Studio 14/15 is online and you can download.

3 - Update of our website ....

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Pinnacle Studio 14 HD - Enhancements and new functionalities

Studio 14: enhancements and new functionalities [Update of the article published on September 21th 2009]

Following our recent articles on the topic, please find hereafter our latest article on Pinnacle Studio 14 new enhancements and new functionalities. I won't focus on enhancements regarding rendering process, I will only....

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Pinnacle Tutorials


[Update of an article published on September 16th 2009]
Before Déclic Vidéo himself had time to show us the first video demonstration of Pinnacle Studio 14 / Studio 15, the official....

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Choosing between HD, Ultimate or Ultimate Collection

HD, Ultimate or Ultimate Collection (update of the article published on September 14th 2009)

Your choice is not yet finalized and you still have some hesitations... So before you order your new version of Studio 14 / Studio 15....

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Pinnacle Studio 15 review

With the release of Pinnacle Studio 15 and to celebrate our 3000th subscriber to the newsletterwe would like to give one free licence to the oldest subscriber of our english newsletter as well as to the oldest subscriber to the french newsletter. Avid offers each of them ....


UPDATE 6th March 2011: one of you will obtain a free Pinnacle Studio 15 licence, thanks to Pinnacle... CONGRATULATIONS !!! 




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AVID Knowledge base

For your information, AVID recently put in place a new accounting system for all the services.


When you try to login to https://account.avid.com with your old login/password, it's not recognized anymore and you are obliged to request a new password. This new password allow you to access the following services:






Thanks to Le Papy for the information.


We would like to remind you the following articles:

A Powerful New Troubleshooting ToolSearch Engine plugins for Avid knowledge base


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