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Happy Easter to all our readers !

Quite often, users asked for clarification of the comments in a tutorial or ask questions on the forums on how to do this, that, or the other thing. We are closely monitoring your requests and this time it is "elementalrage" who is the reason for this tutorial. He had seen in AVID Studio presentations some titles that used multiple simultaneous effects but saw no way to do this. Of course, it goes without saying you can all appreciate that the best solution was to create a tutorial along with some bonus material...



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thumbnail tutorialIn spring 2008, we had proposed "Make the snow fall (transition # 244)" . At the time, the plugins were hard to find and expensive, and we often had to use tricks.

You will notice improvements in rereading the completed tutorial....



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PS 16.0.1 Update

Release of a patch for Pinnacle Studio 16 - Download link

In november, Pinnacle released a patch. Now, a new patch is available to udpate to version Pinnacle recommends installing the update for all users.

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It's not an easy question to answer in a few words and still remain objective.
I would answer ....


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