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StarAc effect news picture

Doing as a TV director does, who is interested ?

TV shows sometimes offer the opportunity to discover some special effects that one may be tempted to reproduce in some of our movies. I noticed while watching Star Academy (*) that the director sometimes applies a very nice video effect which consists of moving images in monochrome...

(*) For US readers : Star Academy is a very famous TV show in France and in many other countries. It's an American Idol-like show.

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A parody of a legendary series

The Adventures of Chouchou and Loulou must surely bring back some fond memories. No? 1999 wasn't that long ago ... So Jean Dujardin and Alexandra Lamy, French actors in the series "A Guy, A Girl " are not familiar to you?

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These 4 new transitions are from the creative mind of gg.
Your videos created this time of year for the Easter season...

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Eye Scream Factory

How to use buttons for menus from Eye Scream Factory ?

We have recently discussed various possibilities to extend your DVD menu content, using Eye Scream Factory material (refer to: Improve your DVD menus with Eye Scream Factory & Animated background for DVD Menu - Eye Scream Factory, Act II.

Among the downloadable content on this site are:

  • still backgrounds for DVD menu (DVD Art Essential Volume I / II)
  • animated backgrounds for your DVD Menu
  • complete templates in which you can found items that may serve as buttons for DVD menus (DVD Art Professional Volume I / II which contain the same background than Art Essential + main and chapter DVD menus in HD, NTSC, PAL, and DV along with matching disc labels, case inserts).

We offer today ....

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Eye Scream Factory

How to use animated backgrounds for menus from Eye Scream Factory ?

In a previous news "Improve your DVD menus with Eye Scream Factory" you've discovered the website Eye Scream Factory.

Among the downloadable content on this site are lots of videos that can be used as animated backgrounds for DVD menus. We have just completed....

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Union sur le site

The more attentive of you may have noticed that this news was published on April 1st....

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