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A new proDAD Mercalli Patch 1.0.16 is available.

  • Adobe CS4: plugin use is possible again without any problems using Adobe Premiere 4.1
  • Sony Vegas 9: rendering speed is drastically improved
  • Pinnacle Studio: no enhancement, nothing new (no need to update)

Download the patch

You can still obtain a coupon code, i.e. 25% discount if you purchase Mercalli through the following links :

  • Mercalli Light for Studio --> Mercalli Expert for Studio (-25%) (warning, it's mandatory to have bought Mercalli plugin light for Studio before being able to fully use this expert version). To know the difference between Mercalli Light and Mercalli Expert, please refer to our Mercalli FAQ: il est impératif d'avoir acheté le plugin Mercalli allégé pour Studio afin de pouvoir utiliser la version expert). Pour connaître la différence entre Mercalli Light et Mercalli Expert, merci de bien vouloir vous référer à la FAQ Mercalli: Mercalli version Light or Mercalli version Expert ?

What is Mercalli ? please consult our dedicated article: proDAD Mercalli plugin available for Studio

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gg will still surprise you with his creations. What talent and what imagination!

The transition 283, will allow you...

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After the first tutorial on the PIP (picture in picture) with HollywoodFX, we propose you the following one : " PIP with fade in/out " .

With this method, you can...

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Eye Scream Factory

Professional style DVD menu, 20 to 60% discount

I would like to remind you that the exclusive offer we put in place with Eye Scream Factory is about to end (31th May 2009)... If you want to enjoy, hurry up, these are the latest days... You will probably never have such possibility (it was a rare opportunity to have this kind of offer with Eye Scream Factory, I am not sure that we will be able to offer something similar in the future).

Many of you have taken advantage of this promotion, so if you have already purchased the DVD menus and you are happy (or not happy), do not hesitate to share your feedback with other people, through the comments of this article.

If you are interested, all details are available in the following news: Improve your DVD menus with Eye Scream Factory

Remember, we offered a tutorial to learn how you can use these menus, please have a look to: Using Eye Scream Factory DVD Menu.

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The first tuto by gg, devoted to VitaScene, gave you an outline of the possibilities of this software.

With this second one, gg delves a little further into it's mysteries....

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By twice, you received NewsLetters with obsolete information...

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Image news Gimp et transparence

What about using a freeware ?

On numerous occasions we have handled in our tutorials still images to create within these areas transparency layers. Whenever the author of the tutorial showed you how to create transparency with some software, all paying, today I will show you how to....

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