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Avid Studio Net - Independent resource

We recently introduced the new web site of Jeff Naylor. We also informed you that we will translate his tutorial, as well as giving a version on our website. It's done, and you can find it in our usual list of tutorials ....





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Picon Menu-HighLight

For those who were frighten to see AVID Studio tutorial only, take a look to this new Pinnacle Studio tutorial... 

Is it possible without specialized authoring software, to show a small image when you fly or active a menu button as in DVD / BD professionals? Normally no ! However it can be done with Pinnacle Studio associated with Gimp ...



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Thumbnail announcement of the title editor AVID tutorial

Avid Studio offers over 700 predefined titles available in its library. Be sure to use the Avid Studio filter interface to select one that best meets your needs.
And if you find a title that is still not quite right ... then make a small change to the title that more closely matches your vision. And if you're still not happy with any of the presets, the road to creativity extends before you as far as the eye can see.


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Picon news checkmarks AS

With Pinnacle Studio, you were used to the presence of an index put on a clip when it is used on the timeline.

With Avid Studio, it does not exist anymore, but we will ....

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