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A new vitascene service pack is available. Fixes two bug for studio: The Preview for a transition shows video A/B in correct order now Pro...
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Studio 11.1 Release Update for Studio version 11.0 users The Studio 11.1 update contains many enhancements for the edit performance with AVCHD materi...
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Thanks to Gege92 and Jacobyp for their contribution to the install process for Adobe Premiere and HFX: Hollywood FX Pro 5.1 can be installed either a...
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Adobe Premiere and Hollywood FX
Thanks to Gege92 and Jacobyp, a tutorial is available to fully use HFX with Adobe Premiere: check the FAQ: Adobe Premiere and HFX.
Thanks to F.Treguer and Kiwi (I would like to emphasis how their great help is appreciated), description of each HFX have been updated. Now, you ...
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