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proDAD Heroglyph V4

Edit 29th July 2012: a new tutorial is available as well as a review (thanks to Gert for the notification).
Edit 6th June 2012: new fantastic price on Heroglyph V4 (on sale) that you will not find elsewhere, hurry up, limited time only...


Prices without taxes, with the fantastic discount:

  • Full version (without any previous version on your system): 175 euros / 209$
  • Upgrade from Hero V1 to V4 PRO: 163 euros / 194$
  • Upgrade from Hero V2  to V4 PRO: 151 euros / 179$
  • Upgrade from Hero V2.6  to V4 PRO: 94 euros / 112$
  • Upgrade from RAPID V2  to V4 PRO: 163 euros / 194$
  • Upgrade from RAPID V2.6  to V4 PRO: 157 euros / 187$

If you have difficulties to obtain these prices, contact me and we will check together, some of you encounter cache problems.


proDAD Heroglyph V4 is finally released, and you will discover the new proDAD Heroglyph V4 interface ....




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Pinnacle Studio 16

Corel Acquires Pinnacle Products from Avid

Corel today announced that it has acquired Avid's consumer video editing product lines, including Pinnacle Studio family, Avid Studio, Avid Studio for iPad and the Dazzle video hardware(including Dazzle Video Creator Platinum HD). These industry-leading titles join Corel's award-winning digital media product portfolio, securing the company's position as the ....

What about AVID Studio ? And Pinnacle Studio ? Pinnacle Studio 16 is born ? AVID Studio will disappear ?

Update 22nd july 2012 with latest interview... 


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AVID Studio Pro

Updated 22nd july 2012: new tutorial available, the absolutely shocking energy ball...


Do you know AVIDStudioPro ? Not yet ? We propose to discover ....





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AVID Studio Pro

You already know AVIDStudioPro and today, he is offering a new tutorial, regarding proDAD Heroglyph V4 PRO that we already presented. With this tutorial, you will learn all basic functions, from using templates to creating map routes or using handscript tool, video walls and much more! ....




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Thumbnail of the tutorial "Avid Studio can create, too, end credits alone ..."

Here's a great tutorial for using the titling program that comes with Avid Studio...(rest assured it will be the last of the series). You'll see that the titler that comes with the program is as good or better than  .....





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Thumbnail of the tutorial "Insert a video introduction before your menu"Some of you are about to leave for one week, or more weeks of holidays (happy guys !)... Others will stay at home, and will play with AVID Studio ? Let's discover this new tutorial !!!! With Pinnacle Studio, we have already discussed several ways to insert an introduction before a DVD menu. AVID Studio is so rich in effects, plugins, image files and video clips, it's possible to make quality introductions with just what's available. Everything revolves around the title editor which is powerful and ergonomically integrated into the software. But if you want to, you should know that it's possible if you follow along with our tutorial:

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