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If you purchased proDAD VitaScene, here are the latest information for the patch 2.0.113 and previous patch as a reminder ....



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proDAD / 30% discount on all productsVery special offer for summer 2011 - 30% discount on all proDAD products

Its summertime, a relaxing time of family vacations, backyard barbeques, and yes, weddings. To celebrate summer, for a limited time, proDAD is offering 30% off EVERYTHING in the shop. There is no limit to....



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Le programme batch de transfert des plugins

Discover the lucky batch file...

End of september 2009, we published two tutorials, Studio 14 installation and Studio 14 plugins. And then Studio 15 arrived.... We just updated our tutorial, and Install Studio 15 is available ! If you are satisfied with your current installation, this article does not concern you.


On the other side, if....

  • you have Studio 12 or Studio 14 installed on your computer
  • you just installed Studio 15
  • you use the "transfer content wizard"
  • and some plugins have been lost during the transfer content, you have a "joker"!

This batch file....

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