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A Studio Option ignored?
This command has long existed in Studio. It is ...

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You downloaded the transition "214-calend-noel-2007" and you've used it, but now you want an update for 2008. So, you need to make a little space on your hard disk to download the new timetable for Christmas 2008, which will be arriving sooin! Similarly transitions of the Rugby World Cup 2007 served you well, but they are no longer needed.

Recently, we recommended to users that they should download new HFZ files modified for the release of Studio 12 (transitions in folder 00-Declic Video) look at "Grooming our HFZ files".

To help you in these two types of approaches, we offer a summary FAQ maintenance operations to achieve this.

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Second Boris Graffiti tutoriali : Typewriter effect

The "Typewriter" effect

At the time we published the first Boris Graffiti tutorial on the declic-video-fx site, we had announced that several tutorials would follow. Back from vacation, you could discover the first one: "Boris Graffiti The Beginning". It was just a basic outline, necessary to get started, but now it's time to explore in more detail. We will look at the "Typewriter" effect, as many of you have expressed some interest.

Discover the second tutorial Boris Graffiti [Typewriter effect]

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Animation ProDAD

"What users do with proDAD software"
We are pleased this week to present two fine achievements by "micmarti" and "saby." Using two different styles, they will show their expertise and skill in the use of ProDAD software.

[View video]

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Do you want to begin your DVD with an intro?
You have certainly started your DVD with a menu. But we are regularly asked the question of whether you can begin your DVD with an intro? So this FAQ will provide the answer for any future questions ...

See FAQ Studio : "Add an intro before the menu"

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Hats off to the ladies for this new HFX series... These ladies are the two authors who made these transitions :

Kiwi for effects #253 and #254
GG for effects #255 to #257. Indeed, this new designer has ....


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Change the position of an HFX object

How to Change the Position of an Object

The transition 201-pip-inverse that you downloaded can be adapted to your needs. Don't hesitate to change it, it's easy! This tutorial will guide you through what you need to do in order to move an object in any transition in just a few steps!

[Discover Tuto 9 - Change the position of an object in a HFX]

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Application d'un effet vidéo dans Studio

Are You Interested in a Tip?

You have several clips, continuous or discontinuous, placed on your timeline and you want to apply the same video effect to each of them using the same settings. You have the option of doing it the old-fashioned way, which is to apply the same effect on each of your clips one at a time, or you can follow our tutorial ...

[Tutorial "Apply the parameters of a clip to several other clips"]

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A new proDAD VitaScene Patch 1.0.35 is available.

  • Magix: fix for non-GPU rendering
  • fix for licensing under Windows Vista (The licence key will handled in a better way and the installed license is now available for all accounts)

Download the patch

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Un menu pop-up qui n'existe pas dans le plug-in Boris Graffitipour Studio

Do not try this pop-up menu in Boris Graffiti...

With the release of the Boris Graffiti plugin in Studio, Pinnacle announced that a user manual is available : very good idea. So I wanted to try it out...

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Pinnacle announces the release of Studio 12.1 beta

What to do ?

Pinnacle announces the release of a beta version Studio 12.1. And what about SmartSound in this new beta version ?...

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Are you interested ?

Bryan Childer (from Aggressive Media Production) has submitted his method to install Pinnacle Hollywood FX Pro Version 5.1 into Adobe Premiere Pro (it has been tested with CS3 but should also work with other versions). After following this tutorial, Hollywood FX Pro 5.1 will be installed in Adobe Premiere Pro as a plug-in. It will be accessible from the table effects, both as a "transition video" as well as a "video effect". Then, you will be able to download and use our free HFX presented on this website... Enjoy !

[Access Bryan Chilcher tip & trick: Installing HFX V5.1 with Adobe Premiere Pro]

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A new partner for Declic Video FX

Contrary to what it sounds like, UV is not a site dedicated to tanning booths.

UV (Unité-Vidéo) is a french web site created about six years ago in order to gather together the best parts of the french-speaking video world. Webmasters of several old sites, like Media-Video, DVD Creation, DVD Home, EclipseDVD, and others, have decided to combine their efforts to create what is still one of the most popular sites for french-speaking video users. Since then, Unité-Vidéo has grown up and now welcomes several french-speaking software developers.

Beyond the homepage, you will find a well-rounded forum where you can learn about video encoding, new HD video formats, video editing and filtering with Avisynth, ... and many other subjects.

So, if you're just trying to find a solution to split an AVi file, or if you're wondering if CABAC(Context-Adaptive Binary Arithmetic Coding) in Mpeg4-AVC (H.264) allows a compression gain bigger than 15 % or not, UV is your man.

Editor's note: this forum and web site has nothing in common with existing web sites like Video Friends Forum. It deals with different fields and you'll certainly agree with that by visiting it or just reading this news.

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