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Three versions thumbnail differences Studio The question is often asked and we regularly find it on the forums in which we participate. That is why I thought it important to provide some additional explanation to what is already provided on the official Pinnacle website. Don't make a mistake when choosing: you do not have the option to make mistakes. You don't have the option to make mistakes because there is no commercial way to upgrade your version to a higher version. The only option offered at a lower cost to the user is to purchase an upgrade from a previous version: Do the math!

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Pinnacle Studio beta test Pinnacle Studio 18 - public beta testing

EDIT 21 Sept. 2014 22h30 GMT: no new request are accepted, sorry... Too much email received so far.

If you follow us on a regular basis, you are aware that we have established a very good relationship with Pinnacle for some time. And you also know that we regularly send your comments to Pinnacle team. Recently, a user who said in comment ....







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