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Pinnacle Studio 19 splash screen

With nearly a month ahead of the release date of Pinnacle Studio 18 there is a year back, Corel just released Pinnacle Studio 19...

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Tutoriel thumbnell "Red Giant installs itself on your hard drive" You have installed Studio 18 and the installer has collected your Red Giant plugins which were already installed in Studio 17 to copy the files to the Studio 18 folder. But some of the file transfers took place without your knowledge and you perhaps are not fully aware of what was installed and the space occupied on your hard drive. If I tell you that some data is copied 10 times on your SSD, I think I'll start to interest you...


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Announcing a batch program adaptationWindows 10 has arrived and some of you are eager to test it with Studio 18. Windows 18 is compatible with Windows 10, yes. But as always, some issues with existing programs are inevitable. Thus users of our HFX batch programs found that they could not use some of the batch programs. The level of UAC is controlled in our latest batch programs and the values returned by Windows 10 are different from the values returned by Windows 7/8, thus it became necessary to adapt our batch programs for use with Windows 10.

The new batch programs, Repare-HFX-11-12-14-15.bat and INSTALL.BAT contained in HFX-DVFX-STUDIO-XXX.Zip are compatible...


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