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News new moderators

In a general framework for improving relations with its customers, Avid has decided to ...

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News Contour Design

 Edit 20.12.2011 [Déclic Vidéo FX]: It's my turn to discover Shuttle Xpress and Shuttle PRO V2, to give you an overview of the products (it's new, I will show you everything in a video, please apologize for the pronunciation).

Contour Design is an American company that has been marketing for many years very convenient audio/video USB control devices called Shuttle ...



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Picture news SmartSounds

Let's talk about SmartSounds.

Latest update 18 March 2012: Hooray! Here it is, a coupon code that will give a 20% discount on SmartSounds...

Update 26.11.2011: We discussed last week about SmartSounds for Pinnacle Studio and AVID Studio, and saby show us his latest tutorial regarding SmartSound. Gert - one of our most active reader - asks a question to SmartSound, here is the email he sent us ....


As you may have read in our previous news, Avid offers a plugin for several months in order to use SmartSound in Avid Studio and Pinnacle Studio 15....




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Installation of Vitascene V2

In recent news, we announced the release of version 2 of the fabulous special effects software from proDAD. Later we introduced you to Vitascene V2 as a plugin for Avid and Pinnacle Studio... Now, it's time to show you how to ....



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Picon install AS

Avid Studio, installation process

As we did in previous years for different versions of Pinnacle Studio we offer today a tutorial that ....





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Picture news plugins Red Giant

Knoll, Shine, Warp, Starglow and Particular are in a boat ...

Red Giant is a company famous in the world of digital video for its production of professional special effects softwares. Since the release of Pinnacle Studio 14, Avid includes ....


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Pinnacle Tutorials


[Update of an article published on September 16th 2009]
Before Déclic Vidéo himself had time to show us the first video demonstration of Pinnacle Studio 14 / Studio 15, the official....

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Pinnacle Studio 15 review

Update February 22th 2011: new article "All about Studio 15"

Yes you're not dreaming ! The image above is not the result of a stupid photo-editing. It is true that for some time, rumors were running especially since the online publication on Avid website's, apparently by mistake, of pages related to Studio 15. Now it's official, after a year and some months, the successor of Studio 14 will be launched shortly by Avid/Pinnacle. As you know, @ Déclic-Vidéo website, we strive to be always on top for our loyal readers, we had to be the first to test the software and to inform you as soon as possible. Moreover ....











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Picture news smoky transition

Smoking is bad !

But using smoke to make a video transition is good. Since I do not want you to set fire to their home, I'll show you that ....



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Picture news BluffTitler

Do you know BluffTitler ?

BluffTitler creates 3D titles for your videos, as well as cool other effects. {...} Do you know that you can freely enrich your BluffTitler Gallery ? {...}



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Picture news menus' bug S14

... or almost !

If as many users you encounter bugs related to the use of menus in your DVDs with Studio 14, then the new item we just added....



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Icon news HD You are confused by all these abbreviations ? [Reminder - published on 20 Dec. 2008]

If you think it's possible to save a Blu-Ray file on HDV, then this article is for you.

Let's take a quick overview. On the one hand there is the recording formats for consumer level camcorders : HDV and AVCHD. On the other hand the....


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Vignette news VHS Saver

Let's do some equipment test....

A few months ago, we announced the release at Pinnacle of a newcomer in their range of analog capture USB products ...


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Vignette news 3DStroke

A few of graphic animation...

I offer in this tutorial to discover one of the new plugins included in Studio 14 Ultimate Collection: Trapcode 3DStroke.

We will not only see the parameters of the plugin ....


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The whole Declic Video team joins me in wishing you a happy new year. Let this year 2010 be the best one for you, dear readers, your family, your friends ....

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