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JPsEffects Integration in Studio 16 and 17

Many of you have manually install the JPsEffects effects in Studio 16 or Studio 17. Unfortunately for those who do not have a Studio 11/15 release installed on the same partition, these effects were not seen in Studio 16/17. What a pity! If you have used these effects in the past, you were able to enjoy excellent quality.

Therefore, the DV-FX team decided to contact Jan Peter to see if we could do something together. We received a very enthusiastic greeting and saby was the kingpin of this collaboration by actively participating to tests and ensuring ...

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A major update was made on the tutorial " When everything goes wrong " ....




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SmartSound and Pinnacle Studio 17 SmartSound with Pinnacle Studio 16 or Pinnacle Studio 17, yes we can !


I have to recognize that I love SmartSounds, the royalty free music (much better than Scorefitter, I have to admit...). That's why I had a closer look at SmartSounds recently...

Did you buy SmartSounds previously, and with Studio 16 or Studio 17, you would like to use it ? But you have an error message "The SmartSound plug-in is not properly activated. Please contact the vendor" ? Then, we have the solution... And if you are using previous Pinnacle Studio version, and you have a similar problem, our tutorial will explain you how to solve the problem.

You never bought SmartSounds so far but you would like to buy it ? We obtained a marvelous 20% discount for a limited duration (until ....



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Lot of news, not always visible at first glance...


Some of you say that we don't have a good english level in some of our newsletter (*)... That's true ! Do you know why ? We are french guys... So we try to do our best, so please apologize some of our errors...  (*) concerning our tutorial, majority of them are fine tuned by Loosecannon who provide a great english level !

As you know, we are working hard to provide the best of Pinnacle Studio (as a proof, we recently learned that we  were referenced by  Corel support who propose customers to contact us ! Well, that's nice, but we would not like that it becomes usual practice, we do this for fun, and should not be a place because of a deficient support...) . In short, we provide ....



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Pinnacle Studio 1, good old days ? Why this logo you say? Because it reminds me the good old days, and I'm nostalgic ...


EDIT : in addition to the contact we established with Pinnacle, we have just seen that Jacques Lamontagne, Director of Pinnacle Marketing, left a message for our readers in the comments section of the news : All about Pinnacle Studio 17

Yes, be honnest, in recent months, it was not all rosy with Pinnacle Studio ... So we prefer good old times... No need to hide it, everyone has seen on the forums in here and there, that unsatisfied customers was numerous. Of course you say, we see more often unsatisfied population on a forum... Yes, except that here it becomes hard to manage... Many people have problems with Pinnacle Studio. And in addition to this, we were somewhat neglected by Pinnacle Management these last months...

It seems that there are good news: indeed, we have been contacted by ....



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J'ai une idée !!

Have you never been subjected to this problem... Slow editing with Studio ?

We have all been faced to this kind of problem with Pinnacle Studio... So, is it the computer ? The material ? The software ? But sometimes, a little something might help, and solve the problem, to make Studio fluid and rapid. You don't believe me ? So, let's ....



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Studio 16 Studio 16 won't launch after the Windows 8.1 update is installed



Here is the solution to your problem !....



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proDAD Respeedr patch

ReSpeedr - patch 1.0.33

You were recently offered proDAD ReSpeedr with 25% discount. Since them, the software ....



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Pinnacle Studio - Hollywood FX / Support

This article was initially published in... 2008 !

This is just a small reminder, to tell you that Yahoo Groups are still active if you are seeking help or advice, or just listening to expert advice. As we explained recently ....





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Vignette Voeux 2014

The whole Déclic Vidéo FX team wish you a happy new year. We sincerely hope that you will obtain everything you wish, happiness, health, and much more !!... Did you receive ....




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proDAD lance Respeedr pour réussir tous vos ralentis et tous vos accélérés de manière extra fluide

Very fluid slow- motion and time-lapse, easy to achieve and at affordable cost.

In video editing, super-slowmo videos are currently fashionable, but they require relatively expensive cameras or camcorders. With ReSpeedr, you will perform these effects in post-production with impressive details that the human eye could never capture in standard frame rate. All natural events, sports, entertainment, technical processes will be easier to follow, understand and analyze. You can highlight particularly important moments.

But accelerated movements also provide fascinating results. Enjoy the special discount for our readers !!!....



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Pinnacle Studio 17 Family Compare Pinnacle Studio 17 Family

The table below is listing the differences between Pinnacle Studio 17 (basic version), Pinnacle Studio 17 PLUS and Pinnacle Studio ULTIMATE....



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The magic touch which will save Pinnacle Studio from crash

Papy is very strong, we all know this... Today, he discovered the magic touch that can help you and to avoid a crash of Pinnacle Studio...

Who has never had a problem in the Effect Editor, like display problems, or an effect that is not taken into account, or when a cursor is no longer active? ...




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MKLINKS to save free space on your hard disk Like me, you have a system hard drive that is too small ? And you want to install plenty of software ? Pinnacle Studio 16 over your previous version of Pinnacle Studio and Avid Studio ? proDAD Adorage Volumes 1-13 with all your proDAD products already on your computer ?

But now, no more space on your hard disk... Buy a new hard drive? Why not, but it's expensive. You have a ....




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