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Pinnacle Studio 16

Corel Acquires Pinnacle Products from Avid

Corel today announced that it has acquired Avid's consumer video editing product lines, including Pinnacle Studio family, Avid Studio, Avid Studio for iPad and the Dazzle video hardware(including Dazzle Video Creator Platinum HD). These industry-leading titles join Corel's award-winning digital media product portfolio, securing the company's position as the ....

What about AVID Studio ? And Pinnacle Studio ? Pinnacle Studio 16 is born ? AVID Studio will disappear ?

Update 22nd july 2012 with latest interview... 


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AVID Studio Pro

Updated 22nd july 2012: new tutorial available, the absolutely shocking energy ball...


Do you know AVIDStudioPro ? Not yet ? We propose to discover ....





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AVID Studio Pro

You already know AVIDStudioPro and today, he is offering a new tutorial, regarding proDAD Heroglyph V4 PRO that we already presented. With this tutorial, you will learn all basic functions, from using templates to creating map routes or using handscript tool, video walls and much more! ....




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Avid thumbnail 2011 products

Pinnacle Studio 15 - What You Should Know [initially published on February 22th 2011]

Latest update 9 june 2012: Hooray! Upgrade to AVID Studio and save 250$ !! It's exceptionnal, do not wait and upgrade. Direct link is  .... Thanks to Gert Reitner who sent us this information !


For more information regarding Studio 15, read the information below...



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Avid thumbnail 2011 products

AVID Studio - What You Should Know

Latest update 9 june 2012: Hooray! Upgrade to AVID Studio and save 250$ !! It's exceptionnal, do not wait and upgrade. Direct link is .... Thanks to Gert Reitner who sent us this information !


For more information regarding AVID Studio, read the information below...and admire the AVID Studio screenshots.



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Avid Studio Net - Independent resource

We recently introduced the new web site of Jeff Naylor. We also informed you that we will translate his tutorial, as well as giving a version on our website. It's done, and you can find it in our usual list of tutorials ....





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Picture news SmartSounds

Big discount for our readers: 20% off SmartSounds

We are extremly happy to announce that you can save 20% Off SmartSound ....




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Thumbnail Who is doing What (QuiFaitQuoi)

On our website, "who is doing what" ? At this time, we would like to introduce each of our team members to you, in this dedicated article. We just have a newcomer !!....

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AVID Studio for  iPad (Apple)

Few days ago, we announced AVID Studio for iPad. As promised, I will tell you everything about it, after intensive tests this week-end... I promise to tell the truth, you will know everything about it (crashes but also remedy for it) ! ....




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AVID Studio for  iPad (Apple)

Update 8th February 2012: new article which explain everything about AVID Studio for iPad.

Update 12th February 2012: discover of a survey created by Avid.

Update 15th February 2012: version 1.0.1 is online at App Store. Stability improvements.

Indeed, what a big surprise to discover that Avid and Pinnacle has launched an iPad application called AVID Studio. It's available on ....

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AVID Studio - Pinnacle Studio / Support

Edit 17.01.2012: update according to information received from AVID regarding questions we asked...

Oh yes, like everything in this world, things change...


And the time has come for AVID and Pinnacle support, to take a new direction. Indeed, you will now need an "ASC" in order to contact support ....




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Christmas gifts....

It's Christmas time and Declic Video FX team wishes you and your family a merry christmas. Discover the video realised by Le Papy for this special occasion...

Lacking inspiration for Christmas 2011 ? Are you searching some good ideas for a gift ? Here is our list.... We will add in the following days various items, check on a regular basis....





 Edit 24th December 2011: merry christmas with a video realised by Le Papy + latest discount
 Edit 17.12.2011: adding some new links...

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Hundreds of Free Pinnacle montage by 20centsFree Themes you said ? Good Quality ?

Edit 18.12.2011: new possibility to import your animated GIF

Yes, that's exactly what you discovered on 1st September 2010 in our newsletter. But since then, 20cents work hard to bring full compatibility to his montage themes with AVID Studio !! So, if you want to download the special edition, just  ....




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proDAD - Adorage V13proDAD just launched Adorage Volume 13 (88 US Dollar) yesterday.

This new volume is still 64 bits compatible (like Adorage Volume 12: worldwide effects / travel). And of course, we are still offering 25% discount for our readers....



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Mercalli EASY by proDAD

You already know Mercalli V2 or Mercalli Plugin, here's a newborn in proDAD family, it's EASY Mercalli. It should please most fans of stabilization, as it is presented to an unbeatable price of 14.95 $ for few days (no it is not a typo)! So, what is it ?....

And be the first one to discover Mercalli Easy with a tutorial !...




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