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Use Studio 17 keyers

We are starting 2014 with a wonderful tutorial of Le Papy !

You all know the classic use of chroma keying from using the green cloth that came in the box with your first Pinnacle Studio. But these early memories should not hold you back from investigating all the potential offered by the different effects at your disposal. With three simple examples, you will see that you can do ....




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Merry Christmas 2013 with Pinnacle Studio 17 Because we are living in unsettling times, I would like to suggest that you forget your worries for a moment and enjoy the Christmas holiday by joining the magical world of children to celebrate their annual festival.

Everyone on the Déclic-Video team ....




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Download Pinnacle Studio 17 patch

Release of a patch for Pinnacle Studio 17 - Download link

After release of Pinnacle Studio 17, and a first patch, a second patch is already available. Pinnacle recommends installing the update for all users.

It concerns Pinnacle Studio 17, Pinnacle Studio 17 plus as well as Pinnacle Studio 17 ultimate. The download for the patch is free for all users who already bought Pinnacle Studio 17.

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Studio 17 aerobatic tutorial

I don't know if you're an accomplished aerobatic pilot ... But by attempting to link 1/4 barrel rolls on a carousel airplanes for adults, I think you will create a world first! In any case, if you want to know all about this craziness, just read the tutorial:



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Tutorial thumbnail

Now that you know how to add animated GIFs, shapes, symbols, and talk bubbles, this time I will show how to insert videos into your thought bubbles. While creating your projects, you may have wanted to visualize a thought by one of your actors while he or she is currently acting in a scene. For example ....



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Thumbnail video tutorial Bill Carey, one of our faithful readers, needed a little help to unzip his HFZ files and to have his transitions shown up in Studio 16. Of course, we tried to help him out. He succeeded and thought useful to make a short video tutorial to deliver his experience and help as many users as possible. Performing a great video tutorial ...

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Build your first transition The integrated Hollywood FX help files provide you with 8 lessons to teach you most of what you need to know to use this software. It addresses the subject of how to modify an existing transition, but at no time does it talk about building a transition from scratch.
Yet this is the best way to begin your education. So I wanted to fill this gap by creating this simple demo that illustrates the basic principles of transition construction.


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proDAD and Windows 8 and Pinnacle Studio 17


If you use software or add-ons proDAD, here those Windows 8 compatibility after updating to the latest version....




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Installation of Pinnacle Studio 17 ULTIMATE

Software installations are becoming easier. However, if you want a successful installation at first time, follow our installation recommendations. You might save time and you'll install your software more calmly, always knowing what will happen in the next step.

Nothing to hide, I just pushed the installer to its limits and, therefore, I did not get my installation at the first attempt. If I allowed myself to give you some advice, it is only so that you do not fall into the same trap as me...

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Build Your Free Videowall Many programs and plugins that are not freeware help you to build video walls. But if you are able to spend a little more time and do a little more work, you can use our free plugin...




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Copy Effects in Multiple Clips Simultaneously
Whether in a slide show or a montage of video clips, some operations, such as changing the duration, formatting for 16:9, or applying several effects with many parameters to multiple items, contiguous or not, can quickly become tedious. So if you're in a hurry, or if repetitive tasks just put you off ...


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The render files in Studio : what is it?

Over time, they are called "auxiliary", "temporary", "secondary" ... In newer versions of Studio they became "rendered files" which better reflects their purpose. But whatever the terminology used....




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Ripple Transitions : what is it?

A Studio Option ignored?

This command has long existed in Studio. It is very useful for quickly creating a slide show. It is very well documented in the software.

But at the time Mr. Jos Roijakkers (JR-VIDEO) reveals a very interesting bonus which may be unknown to most of you. Today, Studio 16 has somewhat improved the user interface of this command...

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Cropping a video

Using montage themes, some users have encountered a problem with cropping in the montage thumbnail. With the different versions of Studio, the methods have gradually evolved and there exists several different methods to achieve the desired crop. Here is one way, among others, adapted to new versions of Studio that contain a media editor.

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Talk bubbles

With this new HFX plugin, you can insert different talk bubble shapes in your videos or slideshows. The text is fully customizable from the most intimate thoughts or personal reflection, all the way through all imaginable onomatopoeia.

This free HFX plugin is at your disposal under the usual conditions. Its use is described in a tutorial.

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