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Nos fichiers ZIP de téléchargements globaux

Cleaning HFX...

Studio 12 was a good opportunity for us to update some of our free Hollywood FX effects, in order to improve their functionality. Recently, we discovered that our file  201-300_HFX-DVFX.zip present some ....



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The animated thumbnail of an effect Boris Graffiti (file. Grf)

If you are a fan of Boris Graffiti and our tutorials, I can tell you nothing in saying that the. Grf are files that contain the effects Boris Graffiti. But these files have some hidden resources that I reveal in a new tutorial that will prepare you to constitute a fine library of personal effects. Déclic-Vidéo is preparing the new Boris Graffiti free effects page but it may remain empty if....

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The cameraman's name can now be written

The effect HFX 250_Eigen_Clapper was almost completely customizable with the exception of the name of cameraman. One of our readers wanted to ....


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Synthetic Fireworks

Let the fun begin ...

In few days, the famous 14th July fireworks will be seen in many towns.... If, for one reason or another, you could not videotape the fireworks, gg comes to your rescue by ....

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Map a texture on a 3D object

Although this is not documented in the help files of your Hollywood FX plugin, I will show you a little trick that will give your title a little kick that a....



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The animated background menu thumbnail

This is one of the first tutorials from the former site of Declic-Video dating from the good old days of Studio 9... You used to see the traditional small treasure chest that prompts you to use your credit card to use a particular plugin or a particular menu. But if the thumbnail....


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A video is mapped on a 3D text with a shiny surface

There is little time, you learned how to map an image on a text. With a video, the procedure is somewhat different, but it also gives good results....

Take note, if you do not have Boris Graffiti, it's possible to buy it with a 20$ discount ! More information in our article....



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An effect to end a clip

This is only an idea because you still have some work to do. If you dislike working, then you'd better use immediately traditional solutions of closing credits or montage themes. But if you like challenges and if you like giving a really personal touch to your editing....


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Mobile phones (3G) use 3GP files

The files with extension .3 GP (3rd Generation Partnership Project) are compressed video for third-generation mobile phone (3G). If Studio....



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Viewer in Studio is divided into two vertically

The setting of some plugins requires a lot of trials to get the desired result. These plugins, unlike some image processing softwares, have no preview viewer which shows, during setting, the scope of changes. The trick is to use the Studio's viewer to remedy this lack.


[All details in "A DUAL effect or SPLIT SCREEN effect with Studio"]

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Extract the sound from a video clip, WAV format

Generally, we separate the sound of the video for editing with specialized softwares. You will perhaps not often use external tools because such high-tech softwares....



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Pictures animation

I must confess that I spent some good time removing dust on this ancient tutorial of DGrenier which was housed on the former site of Declic-Video. While I did not yet participate to DV website, I had experienced....



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The dialog window of deleting auxiliary files

Well known from regular Studio users, these auxiliary files are often discussed and beginners are soon to meet them. We wanted to summarize in a single tutorial all the questions you can still ask, trying to....



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Cloning an object in HFXDid you know that we can clone objects in Hollywood FX the way researchers can clone sheep under other circumstances?


This handy ability is not widely used because....


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HFZ files... What a mess!

If there are issues that recur frequently, it is those that revolve around the use of HFZ files and thumbnail display of these effects in the Studio album. While information on this is increasing, it is also becoming increasingly dispersed....


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