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A mythical character : Walter P. PinheadPinhead News !

Remember, we already presented this website (2 October 2008) devoted to Walter P. Pinhead, a mythical character created by Walter Dubowec. Several contests are usually held each year with the central theme revolving around the Pinhead character. Prizes are often involved in these contests. The contests are designed to improve your video editing skills by challenging you to try new things.

The latest Pinhead project, “Pinhead Needs to Get a Job”, has closed, the voting is done, and the results are all tabulated. As always, the entries were very creative and the decision as to who were the winners was not an easy one. Of course, everyone who entered a video was a winner just by being a part of the fun and friendship that occurs during one of these contests.

The Pinhead committee....



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Une transition au texte non modifiable...As you have probably noticed, a number of transitions have text that can't easily be changed. The designer of such a transition did not take the end user into consideration. They did not give him a way of modifying the text, either to adapt it to a new situation, or simply to translate it...
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