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vignette intro-menu S16

With studio 15 or before, we had learned how to make an introduction that opened directly to the chapter menu, but with the following versions (Avid, S16, S17 ...) method no longer works, at least on several menus. So what, we give up? ...

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Fly over the planet from the starting point to destination arrival to introduce a travel video is a possibility often used in television documentaries or reportages. But how and with what software could we do this to make it appear professional ?...

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Picon Menu-HighLight

For those who were frighten to see AVID Studio tutorial only, take a look to this new Pinnacle Studio tutorial... 

Is it possible without specialized authoring software, to show a small image when you fly or active a menu button as in DVD / BD professionals? Normally no ! However it can be done with Pinnacle Studio associated with Gimp ...



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Vignette de news Intro-MenuIntroducing a menu ?

It may be interesting to introduce a film with a small presentation before leading to the chapters of the menu.. But how to make a natural transition from the introduction to the menu?.....

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